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Why Should You Use Free Video Downloader for YouTube?

Hey, users, do you know why people use a YouTube Video Downloader? It’s not hard to guess.

They want to enjoy their favorite videos like everyone else who uses the platform, and they want to do that offline.

Demand is increasing rapidly, yet there is still no feature on YouTube that allows us to download videos or convert them. Understandable.

After all these years, YouTube is still the leading video-streaming platform in the world. It doesn’t seem like this situation will change any time soon.

Almost all of the people who use the internet to some extent also use the platform on a regular basis to browse their favorite videos.

However, we cannot manage to silence our baffle on how it still isn’t possible to download videos easily on YouTube.

youtube video downloader

As we stated earlier, a lot of people use the video-streaming behemoth to display their favorite videos. However, it is not always possible to do so.

Sometimes we lack the required internet connection to enjoy our private and weird interests on the platform.

Cellular data costs a ton of money, and the people who use the engine ordinarily probably know that it drinks data like its water.

As a last resort, we hope our kidneys can afford that. However, it not works like that. You can’t watch videos online forever and wish to save some money for your next trip to Belize.

This situation is why exactly we designed this easy-to-use tool. It won’t matter if you’re on your PC, your Android device, or your iOS. If your device works and has an active internet at the moment, it is eligible to save videos from YouTube directly.

  • You need to be online during the converting and downloading processes, that’s all.
  • All you have to do is pasting the URL of the video or the audio you wish to download on your device's internal storage in MP3 or MP4 formats.

The rest is butter and bread. You just kick back, enjoy your cup of coffee and let our tool do its job.

Which MP4 Video Converter is Compatible with YouTube?

InstaFollowers’ YouTube Video Downloader is guaranteed to work for most of the videos you may encounter on YouTube.

Chances are you will not come across any compatibility issues through your experience, even for PC, Android, iOS and other operating systems. Also, all resolutions are supported, even 4K videos.

YouTube videos are open source, which means it is simple to convert a YouTube video to another format without causing large-quality dropouts and compatibility errors.

Also, you should note that all the videos you’ll download will be in full version. Therefore, you’ll not get the first 30 seconds of a video like some other third-party apps forces you to do. All of the downloaded videos will be visible in its best, HD resolution.

online youtube video downloader

In this case, you have no reason to worry about any repercussions they might throw at you.‌ There’s nothing illegal about downloading stuff online. You have to respect the original owner and not cause copyright infringements.

I can't remember the last time I wasted cellular data to listen to YouTube music. Nevertheless, I'm still here; a free man with good humor.

How to Use YouTube Video Downloader?

Are you ready to download videos from YouTube without paying a single penny? Then you should probably know that it is possible to follow these steps on all of the relevant operating systems and platforms.

Nevertheless, we still suggest a jammy web browser like Chrome for the optimal user experience.

  1. Open and browse through the upper menus to find and open our ‘Free YouTube Video Downloader’ to proceed.
  2. Go to YouTube on a different tab or window and find a video you may want to save on your device.
  3. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar and return to our website without copying anything else.
  4. Paste the URL of the video in the designated field below. Please check the URL for mistakes before sending your query to avoid any confusion.
  5. Tap on ‘Check’ to see if the video you demanded is available for download on YouTube’s servers.
  6. If everything goes as it should be, a brand new screen will welcome you to download links to only download videos and music. 
  7. On this screen, possible download options will be listed. You can browse and view the available resolutions (360p, 480p, 1080p), estimated file sizes, and formats (.mp4, .mp3, .3gp, etc.)
  8. Click the ‘Download’ button near one of the alternatives, it'll instantly start to download YouTube HD video.

Congratulations, it may appear as wordy, but we tried to attach every little detail that might confuse our users to our guide.

After you download YouTube videos on your device, you won’t have to beg for Wi-Fi passwords as the videos won’t need any additional internet usage to play appropriately.

Are the Videos I’ll Download Are High-Quality?

Yes! We know how frustrating it can be when you want to read subtitles, pay attention to other little details but get confronted by a mere 144 pixels.

If that’s what you want, we’re okay with that. However, we know a lot of people would consider watching their videos HD.

In this case, we provide the best quality videos for you to download in 1080p and higher resolutions. If everything goes as planned, you’ll never miss a detail.

Why Should I Use InstaFollowers to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3?

First of all, it is more than enough for us to see you using our tool. Therefore, we will never ask for your password like other third-party applications in the market.

Downloading videos on YouTube has no correlations with administrator permissions to your account. If you think it through, you should see that even if you have no YouTube channel, you should still be able to download your favorite videos freely, without charge.

Also, we implemented a 24/7 Live Chat System to our site at the right-bottom corner of the page.

You can reach our representatives to find instant and secure solutions, fixes to any problems that might occur during the downloading process.

  • We never ask for your password as we simply do not need it! Your safety is our utmost priority. Even the video you did provide is not stored within our servers.
  • No payment will be charged, and no credit/debit card info will be required. When we say the tool is free to use, it's free to use. No strings attached.

Will My Account Stay Safe When I Download Videos from YouTube?

Yes! As we mentioned earlier, your security is a top priority for us. Therefore, we never ask your password as some other so-called service providers would do.

If you willingly give your password to someone you don't even know, you should know that it is the fastest way to get scammed, hacked, and even blackmailed.

There are a lot of ill-intended people and parties out there, and you need to be aware of this all the time. Not only those people are great at wasting their and our time, but they also enjoy this. 

However, if you keep following the rules and keep your cool, chances are nobody will have the means to harm your account or any part of your online identity.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep your account extra safe, we have some tips for y'all.

  1. Always use proper and authoritative software or extension to craft yourself a strong password with at least 12 o 16 letters.
  2. If you choose to generate your password from scratch manually, you should not use any familiar names, dates, places, etc. for the sake of its strength.
  3. This s a must. Don't use the same password for more than a single account. If one of them gets hacked, all of your accounts will go with it.
  4. Use two-factor verification on your social network accounts. Passwords are too soft these days, and hackers are great at breaking them. Nevertheless, they can't breach a two-factor verification if they simply can't reach any of your verification devices
  5. Avoid falling on the hook! Scammers are using their phishing pages more and more common now. Even if it's YouTube's official site, don't click on a link and enter your credentials. You should use bookmarks to reach your frequently used web pages.

youtube video downloader free

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible for our users to download their videos or audio files in mp3, mp4, 3gp, m4a, or webm formats. All of the formats are the highest-quality in their range of operation.

Yes, it is possible to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format (128kbps). Additionally, you can download your music m4a format to get a better perception of audio quality.

No, and this is our primary concern considering user satisfaction. We never ask for your password or sensitive data as it is not needed. All you have to provide is the link of the video you want to download. Pretty straightforward.

YouTube only allows premium users to download videos. If you don't want to pay for YouTube, you can use our free tool to download videos. 

If you buy YouTube's premium membership, it allows you to download videos. However, you must pay for it.

You can use video recording programs to do it. Yet, downloading YouTube videos is much easier. 

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