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What Are We Doing To Speed Up Your Site?

  • Planning the actions to be done by measuring your website speed,
  • Reducing HTTP requests,
  • Minimizing your HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and reducing the size,
  • Performing database cleaning,
  • Processes to speed up server response time,
  • Browser caching (Cache) configurations,
  • Compression of the images,
  • Combining CSS files,
  • Lazy Load adjustments,
  • AMP Installation and Adjustments,
  • Choosing the right theme and suggestions,
  • Server stress test,
  • CDN recommendations,
  • Cloudflare setup and settings,
  • Controlling and minimization of Redirections,
You will obtain many more services like this. We guarantee increase in value on tools such as Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix
Web Site Acceleration
Web Site Acceleration

A good page loading experience is very important for users and search engines. We maximize the performance of your site with page speed optimization.
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What Is Web Acceleration?

Web acceleration is one of the most important services in SEO. PageSpeed is a direct ranking factor for Google. That is why pages that are loading slow don't have a chance to succeed in ranking higher in the SERPs. When clicked on a web page, a user requests the web page load, and web servers try to bring the cached content as soon as possible. 

If you clicked on a page and waited for more than 10 seconds, you would give up and close that page. What you're doing is bouncing. That is why PageSpeed is important. 

Many possible factors affect PageSpeed. In our web acceleration services, we analyze these factors and fix all of the problems that negatively affect your PageSpeed. The work done to speed up your page is secure and does not require third-party programs. With the help you get from our services, your website will get better rankings and will be able to offer a better user experience. 

What is Web Accelaration

Factors Affecting PageSpeed

PageSpeed is the load time when a user wants to access your web page. It is also one of the most important factors in website performance. This period makes it crucial to make content delivery as fast as possible to keep the user on your website. Suppose the user leaves the page, your bounce rate increases. If your website uses WordPress, then it is possible to speed up the delivery time using the right plugins. However, there might be some occasions where plugins don't have a positive effect on your PageSpeed. In this case, it is possible to fix the software issues without plugins. How do we do it? We detect the unnecessary codes in your website's CSS and JS files. 

Let's see some of the factors affecting the PageSpeed. Here is a list of some main factors affecting the PageSpeed:

  • Loading time of your blog,
  • Speed of your Proxy Server,
  • Page size,
  • Image sizes,
  • Mobile-friendliness,
  • Large CSS, JS, and HTML files,
  • The number of redirects and many more. 

The factors listed above might affect your PageSpeed negatively. However, if optimized in the right way, they can positively affect your web pages and increase your organic traffic. Of course, these optimizations will result in your website's rankings as well. Our professional team will apply the necessary techniques listed on the top of the page and accelerate your website.

Google Web Accelarator

Importance of PageSpeed

PageSpeed is the first impression when a user clicks on your website. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, a significant part of users will click away instantly. As we have stated before, this increases your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high, you cannot offer a good web experience to your visitors. PageSpeed is one of the major factors of it. 

However, besides the user experience, PageSpeed is a crucial factor for SEO as well. In 2010, Google announced that PageSpeed is one of the ranking factors among the search index. Also, Google stated that they are considering PageSpeed, especially for mobile-friendly websites. Google also has a project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to make pages load quicker in mobile devices.  

According to all of the factors above, PageSpeed is crucial to succeeding in SEO. If your web page cannot offer the ideal speed, you should consider a web acceleration service.

How to Get Web Acceleration Services?

If you want to get web acceleration services from us, it is pretty easy to contact us. Here are the steps:

  1. At the top of the page, you will see a box for entering a website URL.
  2. Enter your website's URL into the box.
  3. Then select a delivery period.
  4. You can see the total price under the 'Your Order' heading.
  5. Lastly, click on 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy Now' to end the process.

Once you've completed the steps, our experts will get in contact with you. 

What Can be Done to Accelerate Your Site?

Many different things can be done to accelerate your site. If you are having a problem with your page's loading time, the first thing that comes to mind is getting rid of large-sized images. It is possible to fix this issue with compression. It will help not just images but also other large files such as videos and GIFs to take up less space.

Another popular solution is using a load balancer or a reverse proxy server to optimize HTTP traffic. It is a good way to fasten the web traffic.

Caching and prefetching are great ways to increase your page speed as well. If you manage to cache your content on your website, users will not have to load them repeatedly to see them. It will let your users access your site easier.

SSL or TLS processing can help to deliver your content faster. We can define SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as the guardian of your content and user-related information. However, it possibly can help the back-end servers make them deliver the content faster.

As InstaFollowers, we are making sure to follow the best way to accelerate your site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. InstaFollowers have the required security certificates, such as 3D Secure and SSL. That is why we can guarantee a safe service experience.

It is not possible to provide a guarantee in any SEO work. However, since web acceleration service consists of technical operations, it is possible to say that there will be speed acceleration definitely. 

If your page cannot load in the ideal time and you don't get any services to increase the speed, your page will not reach your desired ranking in the SERPs. Also, your bounce rate will increase as well. 

Once the necessary work is done for increasing your PageSpeed, it directly affects your page positively. That is why it is possible to see results immediately. 

As InstaFollowers, we have secured our site with 3D Secure and SSL certificates. We also provide 24/7 live support for your questions and recommendations. 

Somewhere between 92 - 100 is the best PageSpeed score. 

The ideal website load time is 2 to 5 seconds. 

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Web Acceleration
Web acceleration is a service to speed up your website. We boost up your site by optimizing it in the best way to offer a great user experience.
Web Acceleration
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