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Why Hashtags Are Important for Tumblr?

We finally released our brand-new free tool named Tumblr Hashtag Generator in order to allow our users to generate Tumblr hashtags for their blog posts on the platform.

That's how you can start increasing your exposure and visibility when you have no followers at the moment. Check it now to see if it's suitable for you. 

Tumblr is one of the few places where you can have a good time and still make an extraordinary amount of money to support your everyday life.

You can do anything on it, from showcasing your lifestyle to the people who will be interested in the aesthetic to selling products and giving valuable life lessons through insightful and motivational quotes.

Whatever you do, it doesn't matter; you should have it represented on Tumblr as this platform is truly something else when you compare it with other social media platforms of today.

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Get Your Audience's Attention with Tags

There are more than 450 million blogs on this platform, and more people visit them on a monthly basis. Therefore, we can see that competition is tight too.

You won't simply create your blog and start enjoying the endless streams of likes and follows on your blogs. The truth is, sadly, much different. 

People can't show interest in your content if they can't possibly have a reliable way to see them.

You can't expect them to discover you on their own as that would be madness. In that case, your best friend will be the hashtags that are widely available on all social media platforms out there.

These pieces of phrases can specify the context of your content to the algorithm of the platform and open a door for your future audience to discover your stuff without having to give in any special effort. 

Tumblr Hashtag Generator

What Is Tumblr Hashtag Generator?

In order to achieve this, you can use our brand-new Tumblr Hashtag Generator. It is truly a masterpiece for people who are interested in digital marketing and social media influencing subjects.

For them, marketing information is priceless. And that's why our online tool is free for all to use! It is quite easy to use, so all you have to do is providing a phrase or word for our system to scan among Tumblr hashtags. And our system will put out relevant and popular hashtags for you to utilize as soon as we receive your query.

Our A.I. uses some factors like volume, popularity, relevancy, and more to determine the appropriation of a hashtag. Therefore, you'll never get unrelated ideas delivered in front of you. Unlike other generators, our tool is very simple to use. It doesn't require you to give out your password or any vital information.

Just don't forget to keep your usage of hashtags as minimal as possible. Using a lot of hashtags can appear as spam in the eyes of the people and the algorithm. Therefore, only use necessary and relevant hashtags.

If your content is about is "wedding ideas," don't use hashtags such as "#funnysunday, #follow4follow" or stuff. Relevancy is the most crucial aspect when it comes to getting the approval of an audience's fleeting attention and the "good to go" sign of algorithm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, not! We don't even require a link or your username. All you need to provide is a valid phrase so our system can find related tags.

There is a sweet spot for every blogger out there. This may vary. Don't keep them too low, but don't stuff them.

Don't even worry about it. We get all of our data from Tumblr's own database. Therefore, all the info you see here is official.

The hashtag limit is 30 hashtags at most on Tumblr. 

You can write up to 500.000 characters on Tumblr.

The reason your posts do not appear in the tags might be that your account could be very new. Tumblr needs to check if it is a bot account or something like spam. Make sure you have verified your account.

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I really liked this tool. going to recommend to a couple of friends for sure.

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All this info is free and people are still failing on social media.. smh.

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Great tool. does what it claims. That's all that matters