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Did you ever want an Instagram Video Downloader which is entirely free to use? You got lucky.

In almost all social media sites, videos are not allowed to be downloaded. Because this operation means a lot of extra load on the server, each amount implies cost.

For this reason, it is not possible to download Instagram videos online or any application in particular.

Can You Download Videos from Instagram for Free?

You have to use the app not only for Instagram but also for downloading videos from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Most of these applications are paid, and you have to pay for them to use them. And you can't get the service you want in most of them.

All services offered on our website are free of charge and offer the highest quality.

To download videos from Instagram, the process is straightforward.

Within a few seconds, you can download any videos you want from Instagram to your computer, mobile phone, or mobile device. There is no limit for video size or processing.

  • To download videos, the account to which the videos belong must be public.
  • If the account is private and is closed to visitors, you will not be able to download private Instagram videos.
  • You can list all the videos on an Instagram account and download them according to your preference.
  • Your download speed may vary depending on your current processing intensity and your Internet connection.
  • Downloaded videos are taken from Instagram users' accounts, and the responsibility for the use of videos belongs to these accounts.
  • While our website offers this service, it only mediates and allows you to download videos naturally.

    Free Instagram Video Download

    How to Download Videos from Instagram?

    It is possible to download videos from Instagram for free, from websites and applications called Instagram Video Downloader developed as a solution to this problem. Regardless of the video size, you can easily download the video you want from the desired account.

    First of all, you should find a video you would like to download and copy the video URL belonging to it.

    1. You can complete the process by simply typing the video link or Instagram user name you want to download videos from to the text box.
    2. Click the  "Download" button without having to subscribe to the online tool.
    3. You can do this operation on all devices like PC, mobile phones, tablets. There is no operation limit.
    4. The videos you download from the website are the quality that you save the video. No changes in video quality are happening, and you can download them in high-quality mp4.

    Is There Such Thing as Instagram DM Video Downloader?

    One of the most distressing aspects of Instagram is that it is not possible to download videos and photos. For free online Instagram video downloads, you need to use other online apps.

    Websites prepared for this video downloader meet all your needs on this topic. You can download the video you want for free, fast, and smooth without any membership.

    Instagram private video downloader downloads the videos directly from Instagram servers, and unique variants are used for this process. You can download all the videos from our website according to the processing intensity.

    You can download high-quality videos and use them all devices. There is no restriction on this subject on our website. You are responsible for the video content you download through our Insta Video Downloader.

    We are just trying to help you with some tools about it.

    Free Instagram Video Download

    What Is an Instagram Video Downloader?

    Downloading photos and videos from Instagram sounds good, doesn't it? You can do it quickly and online with the Instagram video downloader for Android.

    • It is completely free and fast. You can do it without becoming a member of our website.
    • If you type and process the Instagram user name, you can download all the photos and videos of that user name.
    • The profile of the username you choose must be open. Otherwise, you cannot act. This is an important rule.

    Why Doesn’t Instagram Allow Video Downloads?

    This situation is entirely due to the company strategy. Downloading photos and videos by other users make the servers so busy that they are reflected in costs. Although Instagram is a mighty company, we should not be angry with them because they do not allow this situation. Because it is technically very burdensome.

    But don't worry about it. Even if Instagram doesn't allow it, there's a different way to do it. is a site that always produces solutions. We offer this service 100% free for you. You can effectively download online pictures and videos.

    How to Use Instagram Video Downloader App?

    It is effortless to use Instagram video converter. You can download any video in seconds (PC and mobile):

    1. Enter your Instagram video link.
    2. Or you can type a username (if you type username, all videos of that person are listed).
    3. If the video is recorded, click on the download button and wait for the video to download.
    4. The video download time varies according to the Instagram server speed.
    5. Please note that; you cannot download videos from private Instagram profiles.
    6. You can download videos individually. There is no limit for this.

    Can I Trust Instagram Online Video Downloader Apps?

    For this, you can find hundreds of applications in the application markets. Some of them are good and okay to work with, some of them are worse than hell. (iOS, Android and Windows).

    You can do the same processes with these applications. But no one is a substitute for the online transaction. Because when you do this online, you don't have to get an exclusive membership for our website.

    There is no need to pay. And most importantly, you protect your information's security. In practice, the situation is slightly different. In that case, I would not trust third-party apps.

    You may need to grant some permissions to these applications and they will usually ask you to be a member of the application. That's why we recommend that you always choose to do it online. It is faster and safer.

    How to download Instagram videos

    What Happens When I Save Instagram Videos?

    Practically, only the usual process happens. As you download the desired video with InstaFollowers, your new file gets directly saved to your device's internal storage. In this case, you can browse and display this video as many times as you want with the highest standard quality in the industry.

    You face no repercussions from Instagram when you download Instagram videos. However, you should always be careful. It is not illegal or prohibited to save Instagram videos, but this is only true when you get consent from the original poster. If you did not manage to obtain permission to download, you should always consider not doing it altogether.

    Additionally, if you are committed to acting, you can download the video on your device, but you should not post it anywhere. In such cases, your Instagram account may get prohibited if the original owner files a complaint to the platform. In extreme cases, you may even face lawsuits as you directly inflicted a copyright infringement.

    Yes, we serve the best possible quality. Your videos' information is not reduced to rubble through the download process. Therefore, you can start enjoying them right after.

    No, of course. We don't need to access your account to fulfill our job and provide a clickable download link. Therefore, your account always stays safe through our secure process.

    Unfortunately, yes; due to copyright law, Instagram's Terms and Conditions prevent users from downloading and storing content from the platform. However, nobody has ever experienced a lawsuit because of that.

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    When you download videos online they usually contain watermarks, InstaFollowers let you download the original!!

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