how to download Instagram stories?

Instagram is one of the best social media services that continuously improves itself and makes the application more usable. The recently popular plugin, Instagram story, is one of the most commonly used plugins. You can add any photo or video to the story and make it visible to all your friends on the list. The pictures and videos added to the Story section must be of a certain size. You must upload it in accordance with the limits. This content is not allowed to be downloaded by someone else. It is not possible to download any content on the Instagram system. You can download it using different websites and app. You can Download Instagram stories via our web site. You can download any story content of the user name you want to download in the search tab and download it in seconds. This process is 100% free. The most important feature that distinguishes our website from other story download services is that our website is completely free of charge and download process can be done quickly.

how to download Instagram live stories?

There are some mobile apps that are prepared for Story download but it is hard to find the right one. Most are problematic applications. To do this online via the web, you can use our website. You can use the downloaded content on your pc, mobile phone, tablet or other devices. We will explain to you how to download Instagram stories from our web site. Simply click type Instagram username in the search section you want to download and click the download button. Depending on the connection speed and server connection, you can quickly download Instagram stories to the preferred device. If the user profile is hidden and not public, you cannot do this. You can only download the contents of general users. In such a case, the system will give you an error message. So, you can try a different user name. You must do the download individually. The multi download is not supported yet. You can use it as a visitor without being a member of our site. There is no daily use limit.

Free Instagram story download

The free Instagram story download service we offer is available to everyone. The process is simple and has no partnership with the Instagram site. It is a specially programmed application. To Instagram stories, just type the Instagram user name and download it. Whatever content is in the Story section, it downloads instantly. Video or photo doesn't matter. When you type the user name and search, all stories of that user are listed. And you can download what you want from the listed content. If the user does not have any published story, you cannot download. You can only search for single users, not multiple. Learn how to download Instagram stories by watching the promotional video on the page. And also review different services from our websites offered for all social media sites like Facebook and others.

download instagram stories


Download Instagram stories

Instagram story feature added a different color to the application. In this case, the interaction within the site has increased and the course of the shares has changed. Stories shared by the people we follow usually consist of sections of daily life. If you have participated in any activity or have fun in a venue, you can share it in story. But there is a big problem that you cannot download Instagram stories. Instagram has some restrictions on this.

Which one is better? Apps or web service?

We have provided this service free of charge for many years. So far, over 3 million transactions have been made and are continuing to be done. There are also some mobile applications that offer the same service. But none of them can replace our service. Because the two are very different. When you download the application, some security weaknesses may occur. But transactions made on the web are anonymous and secure. Because we are only focused on the quality of the service we offer. Your personal information does not interest us. In short, web service is always better and safe.

View stories anonymously

As you know, when the story is displayed, there is a notification of who is viewed. For example, you shared a story. You can list the people who viewed it within 24 hours. The Instagram story has this feature. But if you download Instagram stories from our web site, nobody can know this. So, you will view stories anonymously. The same applies to your account. Through our service, even if your story is viewed, you will not know about it. All transactions made on our site are made in accordance with the privacy of your personal information.

Save Instagram stories

If you want to download and save the Instagram stories on your pc or mobile device, just follow these easy steps:

  • Type ınstagram username

  • And click to Download button

  • That is all!

Do not type direct story link. It will not work. Just enter username. It will be enough. If the profile that you want to download story is a private account, it will not work too. It must be a public profile. This way you can download the contents of everyone you want. Multi download is not allowed. You can save the stories to your computer or mobile device.

I cannot download? How to fix?

Our services use the fastest servers and most equipped infrastructure. But anyway, if you have any problem to download Instagram stories, there could be a few reasons for this. Let's review the possible problems together:

  • Check your internet connection. Restart your modem and try again

  • The profile you are trying to download may be a private profile. So only followers can have permission to see content. In this case, send a follower request to the person and if he accepts it, you can begin the download process.

  • Try to use another browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) Some browsers may not be supported.

Download Instagram Stories
You can now easily download Instagram stories to your PC and mobile phone like an app. Let's try our new free online service to Instagram stories.
Download Instagram Stories
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