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Buy YouTube Live Views Features

what is youtube live views

What Is YouTube Live Views?

YouTube introduced YouTube live stream to the world in 2011 and has been a worldwide phenomenon since then. YouTube live stream has been in the use for workshops, business meetings, Q&A sessions, and many other events. To gather audience, reach millions of people, and engage with them is simple through YouTube live streaming now. Moreover, you can chat with your audience while live streaming on YouTube. Chatting live with your audience spreads brand awareness and helps gain your potential customers' trust if you’re a business owner.


YouTube live streaming is available on mobile devices and desktops. You can watch live streaming by clicking “Live” on the left on your desktop or exploring live streams on your YouTube app on your mobile device. Moreover, if you subscribe to a channel, you receive a notification whenever they start live streaming. Under the video, you can see how many people are currently watching the live stream. The more people watch the live stream, the more it is likely to receive new subscribers. InstaFollowers helps you at this point. You can buy YouTube live views to boost your YouTube channel, gain more subscribers and increase your brand awareness. Buy YouTube live views for a very affordable price and enjoy YouTube more than ever!

YouTube live views before after

how to stream live on youtube

How to Stream Live on YouTube

YouTube live streaming is not something you should be afraid of. You only need some assistance in the process. Let’s see what you should do for your live streaming first; InstaFollowers will handle the rest.

Have you thought about why you want to go YouTube live? Setting a goal at first is a must. Later, you should plan everything. It will prepare you for any difficulties you may encounter in the process. Schedule it beforehand if you’re planning to invite people to your stream. Take notes so that you don’t panic later. Pay attention to your content; if it doesn’t meet the YouTube guidelines, it’s possible to get suspended for two weeks. Most importantly, don’t forget to engage with your audience. Invite them to your stream, follow the comments section and even ask them questions. This will greatly impact your potential audience. 

To stream on your desktop or your mobile devices, go to YouTube Studio. On the top right corner, you’ll see “Create”. Click on the icon and then select “Go live”. Then select “Webcam” on the left and create your stream. Add titles, descriptions, chat settings, and promotion details. Then, you’re good to go.

increase youtube live views

get watched more with youtube live views

Get Watched More with YouTube Live Views

YouTube live stream is a very popular way to gain more audience and become a trustworthy persona. To receive more audience, there are some things you need to do. For example, you'll need to know how to get verified on YouTube. The most important of them all is to buy YouTube live views or even to buy YouTube views. YouTube live views will gain you more audience and engagement as a result. InstaFollowers, with its YouTube live views product, provides quality service to its customers. You’ll expand your subscribers by having a large audience while YouTube live streaming. YouTube live views service is a great opportunity to enlarge your business, especially if you’re a small business owner. Or still, if you’re an influencer and want to livestream on YouTube, it’s a perfect start to buy YouTube live views. It will also have an impact on your social media profiles. You’ll gain more followers, likes, and comments on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

InstaFollowers provides the “buy YouTube live views” service to its customers. With some easy steps, you can buy YouTube live views. With its 24/7 customer service, InstaFollowers delivers YouTube live views within a short period of time. It’s safe, cheap, and very easy to buy. You don’t need to provide any other information, such as your account username or password.

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how to buy youtube live views

How to Buy YouTube Live Views

YouTube live streaming is a very popular way to become famous. You can buy YouTube live views to boost your YouTube subscribers and reach many other internet users. Plus, it’s easy to buy and completely safe. You can reach 24/7 customer support on any occasion. Now, let’s find out how you can buy YouTube live views.

  • Copy the link to your YouTube live stream.

  • Go to InstaFollowers and paste the link into the bar 

  • Choose how many live views you want and click “Buy Now”

  • Complete the payment, and you’ll receive your views within a short period of time.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Buying YouTube Live Views

step left step right

Copy the link to your YouTube live stream.

step left step right

Go to InstaFollowers and paste the link into the bar.

step left step right

Choose how many live views you want and click “Buy Now”.

step left step right

Complete the payment, and you’ll receive your views within a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

YouTube live streaming is the most popular feature of YouTube. You can go YouTube live and share your hobbies, talk about your business or share your screen while gaming. There’s no limits to YouTube live streaming.

The primary objective of this service is to increase viewer numbers, so the viewers won’t participate in conversations during the live stream.

Our live stream viewer service is available at any time. You can place orders any day, and they are processed automatically without issues.

Your privacy is paramount with InstaFollowers. Your personal information, like phone number and name, is kept confidential and isn't shared with third parties. Your purchase of live stream viewers remains discreet, and your audience will not be aware of it.

It's advisable to place only one order per live stream. Multiple orders for the same stream may lead to cancellations. However, if the initial order is fulfilled and the stream is still ongoing, you can place a new order.

If the live broadcast is closed early, the order is still considered completed. The viewers will continue to visit the link provided, regardless of the broadcast's status.

Orders for live stream viewers can only be placed after the stream has started. Make sure your live stream is active before ordering.

If your order has not started, you can send your order number to our customer representatives and request support. Reasons for not starting the order;

  • Ordering before the start of the live broadcast,
  • Incorrect live stream link,
  • Incorrect live stream settings.

On our Youtube live stream viewer page, select a package and click ‘buy’. After entering the requested information, choose the viewer duration from the 'retention' option.

Buying live stream viewers can significantly boost your channel's engagement rate. Insufficient viewers during live streams can negatively affect your channel's performance. Purchasing viewers can enhance your stream's appeal and contribute to your channel's growth.

To avoid negative impacts on your profile by the Youtube algorithm due to low viewer participation, it's best to purchase this service as soon as your live stream starts.

Prior to buying live stream viewers, check your video settings. Ensure there are no age or country restrictions, the 'Allow embedding' option is enabled, and that the live stream has already commenced.

For a single live broadcast, we suggest buying only one viewer package. Placing multiple orders for an ongoing live stream can result in the subsequent orders not starting. Plan your purchase wisely to avoid such issues.

It surely does. The more people watch your videos, the larger your potential audience gets. 

Purchasing live stream viewers is simple through InstaFollowers. Available 24/7, you can buy this service anytime. Start your live stream, copy the link, and then select the viewer package on our site. Fill in the necessary details, choose your desired viewer duration, and complete the payment.

Buying live stream viewers boosts your viewer count, enhancing your visibility and ranking on Youtube's recommended streams. This not only attracts new organic viewers but also leaves a positive impression due to the high viewer count during the live stream.

Using the 'Retention' option during the order process allows you to set the duration viewers stay on the stream. The default duration is 15 minutes, but you can extend this through available options.

Once you purchase the Youtube live stream viewer service from our site, it gets activated automatically. Viewer count starts increasing within 1-10 minutes after purchase. Ensure your live stream link is accurate to prevent any processing delays.

YouTube live views are not illegal, so you won’t get banned.

It’s unlikely to see a decrease in your live views. However, InstaFollowers offers a refill guarantee in case of any decrease in the numbers.

You need to create a content strategy at first. Then, you can think of how to bring joy to your videos. Of course, the YouTube live views service will be of a great help to you in this process.

It’s %100 safe to buy YouTube live views. You don’t need to share any other information other than your video link and payment details.

You don’t need to pay to live stream on YouTube.

YouTube live views are lifetime. So after you end live streaming, you can share your video under the recent live streams tab, and you’ll see the views count right under your video.

Yes, the viewer count will remain stable throughout the duration you selected, reflecting the amount you purchased and the chosen retention time.

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Buy YouTube Live Views - Fast, Cheap & 100% Real!
Buy YouTube live views to boost your live streams! Get popular on YouTube with our fast&cheap and quality services now!
Buy YouTube Live Views - Fast, Cheap & 100% Real!
$ 1.05 2024-12-30 In stock
5 / 5
5 1 Total: 156 Rating
24/7 customer service

24/7 customer service and refill guarantee made me buy YouTube live views with PayPal easily. It’s soo hard to find such a safe website these days.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Kit Heaton
Kit Heaton
I was looking

I was looking for a safe website that gives YouTube live views service. The other websites I used wanted my password, but I refused to tell them, obviously :D This service is perfect if you’re concerned about security.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Nicola Woods
Nicola Woods
I’m a chef

I’m a chef at a small restaurant. To make a name for myself, I stream on YouTube and cook the most famous dishes live. I decided to buy YouTube live views last month, and it turned out to be super helpful.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Rylee Macias
Rylee Macias
My little sister

My little sister is obsessed with the Harry Potter series and keeps talking about it 24/7. To keep my peace of mind, I told her to go YouTube live. I bought some YouTube live views for her. Now, I can feel the freedom.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Harris Zavala
Harris Zavala
I play the

I play the piano and record myself to share on YouTube. I started YouTube live streaming last month, but the views count wasn’t as much as I expected. So I used the buy YouTube live views service, and it’s really cool.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Ivy Lin
Ivy Lin
I don’t normally

I don’t normally trust these social media tricks, but when I saw they provide a refill guarantee and 24/7 customer service, I got excited. I bought YouTube views. I think I’ll buy YouTube live views soon.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Azra Weiss
Azra Weiss
I used their

I used their buy Instagram followers service before. They delivered super quickly. Now I want to buy YouTube live views.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Teegan Peters
Teegan Peters
I have many

I have many plants in my house, and I wanted to educate people about how to care for their plants to keep them alive. So every Saturday, I go YouTube live. I bought YouTube live views from InstaFollowers, so now more people watch my videos. Yay!

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Lila Ferrell
Lila Ferrell
I love watching

I love watching YouTube videos and live streamings. I decided to go live on YouTube and share how I paint with others. To spice things up, I went with the buy YouTube live views product, and it has become so much fun. Now people comment while I’m painting, and it creates an exotic atmosphere.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Maria Barber
Maria Barber
My son uses

My son uses YouTube live streaming while gaming, but nobody watches him :( So I bought YouTube live views for him, and now he’s so excited about his new audience.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Sylvie Miller
Sylvie Miller
I was looking

I was looking for cheap YouTube live views. I saw InstaFollowers when I was searching. They have such affordable prices that you want to buy even if you don’t need them :D

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Cherry Humphreys
Cherry Humphreys
I stream live

I stream live on Twitch every Saturday, and I have a couple of hundred viewers. So I gave it a try on YouTube, but it didn’t go as planned. So I tried this YouTube live views service, and I’m satisfied.

5 5 1 2022-09-02 Angelika Crawford
Angelika Crawford

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