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Frequently Asked Questions

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Considering that dislike is a ranking signal and a quite unpleasant sight on YouTube, you may want to buy dislikes to discourage potential viewers and disrupt rankings of your competitors.

Yes, you may want to do that as if you bought YouTube likes beforehand, which may create an unnatural view on your channel. There's no video on the internet without at least a handful of dislikes.

If you are buying the dislikes to balance your engagement ratio, then 10% is probably good to go. That means, for every nine likes you have, you should get a dislike. However, if you're purchasing it for your competitors' videos, you may want to go nuts with it to the point where you make the video unwatchable in terms of the first glance.

If you have many likes and dislikes, it shows that your video is interacted more and YouTube shows the video more on the recommended section. 

YouTube can remove dislikes if it suspects any organized major dislike operation. That is why it is best to be reasonable when buying dislikes.

Yes. If a video gets too many dislikes, YouTube sees it as a sign that video is not performing well. As a result, it reduces its recommendation. 

The most disliked video is 'YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind' with 19 million dislikes as of today. 

As you can't see who likes your videos, you cannot see who dislikes your videos either. 

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Buy YouTube Dislikes - Real & Active & Cheap | Instafollowers
Buy YouTube Dislikes from real and active users for the cheapest prices to alter the like/dislike ratio of your competitors' vids.
Buy YouTube Dislikes - Real & Active & Cheap | Instafollowers
$ 1.90 2023-12-30 In stock
5 / 5
5 1 Total: 28 Rating
A video with

A video with no dislikes is impossible, so in order to make it look like a more watched video, I even buy dislikes. It really improves your video's performance. Thank you InstaFollowers.

5 5 1 2021-02-11 Olsen
I know that

I know that my competitors were mass disliking my videos, so I stopped complaining and answered with instant dislikes. Thanks to Instafollowers, I could find as many dislikes as I wanted.

5 5 1 2021-02-11 Ivan
Last CoD game

Last CoD game trailer was so bad I had to buy 100 dislikes so that I could dislike it 101 times xD

5 5 1 2020-09-11 Eamonn Moyer
Eamonn Moyer
So there's this

So there's this guy who tries to mess with my songs and attacks all my songs with dirty comments, so I bought 250 dislikes for his all 5 songs to show him who's boss lol. I'm suprised of the cheap prices and the fast delivery. Thank you InstaFollowers.

5 5 1 2020-09-11 Rea Houghton
Rea Houghton
I just bought

I just bought 50 dislikes to prank my friend's video and they arrived so quickly even I doubted lol. Great prices by the way.

5 5 1 2020-09-11 Erin Webber
Erin Webber
Finally I can

Finally I can turn the stakes 3:) Gonna show that kid who's the boss around here. Also gonna buy dislikes for every future post he publishes mwahahah!

5 5 1 2019-09-06 Hank
I definitely approve

I definitely approve this product from the bottom of my heart. The dislikes I bought started to take place almost immediately and I can feel the panic that guy started to feel hahah

5 5 1 2019-09-06 Alfonso
You guys even

You guys even give dislikes, huh?? What's next? YouTube watch hours? LOL literally every time I check this website there's always a new service coming in :D

5 5 1 2019-09-06 Paul
I bought the

I bought the minimum amount to try if it really works and turns out it does!! Well since my best rival is going down it's my time to shine like Pink Floyd's crazy diamond hahah

5 5 1 2019-06-20 Jan W. Shuler
Jan W. Shuler
I'm glad I

I'm glad I got this to that guy I hate. Works as mentioned in the article. It's kinda sad to watch the dislikes roll in though xD Now I can gain my inner peace back.

5 5 1 2019-06-20 Julie O. Gilbert
Julie O. Gilbert
My order was

My order was delivered in twenty minutes or something like that. Y'all are truly something else when it comes to deliver the quality to your customers! Very effective indeed!

5 5 1 2019-06-20 Jerry
I have used

I have used this service on my competitors, they will definitely be shocked when they see the sudden decrease on their videos xD Hope nobody tells them LMAO

5 5 1 2019-04-04 Serena Blander
Serena Blander
Live Support
Live Support
Live Support