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YouTube Comment Upvotes Features

  • What Are YouTube Comment Likes?

    Comments likes are quite important impressions to obtain on all social platforms. Therefore, algorithms love them. Also, they can get the attention of audiences pretty well.

  • Why Should You Buy YouTube Comment Likes?

    As you gain more and more YouTube comment likes, your comments are carried higher in the comments sections, reaching to more and more people reading comments, thus giving your channel more visibility.


    We start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. Your order is completed within the estimated delivery time that we show on the service's page.


    The services that you buy will be permanent, and there won't be any decrease. Otherwise, we guarantee you that we will refill your losses in six months after your purchase.


    We guarantee a refund for your order if we can't deliver it within the estimated delivery time (if it is more than three days). For more details, please read our Refund Policy.


    We provide 24/7 live customer support. You can contact us anytime via our embedded chat system, WhatsApp, and email address. Our staff is always ready to help you.


    You can pay with your credit card through the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world. You don’t have to register to make your payment.


    We never ask your password or any other private information. We recommend you to protect your account and never share your passwords with anyone.


    In order for your order interactions to be tracked correctly after your purchases, you should not purchase the same products from different sites simultaneously.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

    Your comment likes are guaranteed to stay intact on your comments for at least six months, and we'll compensate for a possible decrease. 

    We never ask for your password or credentials in any case.

    You can purchase a maximum of 10.000 Instagram comment likes at a time.

    If you want comment likes on your posts and increase their interactions, of course, it is worth it. 

    Of course, you can buy likes for any comment you want and support your friends. 

    You won't be waiting longer than the estimated delivery time. Our system works flawlessly.

    No, the likes only appear as a number.

    No, there is no way the YouTube algorithm can tell paid and organic likes apart.

    No, we do not ask for sensitive information like passwords and ID numbers.

    Comment on your experience

    We care about your ideas and opinions. You can help us improve by evaluating our services and tools provided by our website by filling in our "comment on your experience" section down below.
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    Buy YouTube Comment Upvotes with PayPal - Guaranteed & Real
    Buy YouTube comment upvotes to carry your comments to higher places in the comments section and to give your channel more visibility.
    Buy YouTube Comment Upvotes with PayPal - Guaranteed & Real
    $ 0.13 2024-12-30 In stock
    5 / 5
    5 1 Total: 76 Rating
    Great service. It

    Great service. It works perfectly. I just bought 100 YouTube comment likes for my comment. Now, many people are viewing my channel.

    5 5 1 2021-03-23 Nishat Coulson
    Nishat Coulson
    It is a

    It is a great improvement for people trying to make it big on YouTube like me. Thanks.

    5 5 1 2021-03-23 Breanna Mayers
    Breanna Mayers
    I bought likes

    I bought likes to my business's YouTube comment and it really boosted its visibility and got me followers. Great investment, thanks InstaFollowers.

    5 5 1 2020-09-11 Roseanne Pike
    Roseanne Pike
    LOL, I told

    LOL, I told my friends I was popular on YouTube and then bought 250 likes for my comment on a video.

    5 5 1 2020-09-11 Roxie Duran
    Roxie Duran
    I'm a rookie

    I'm a rookie YouTuber and this helped me get followers. Thanks.

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Selin
    This service definitely

    This service definitely pays itself. I gained so many followers after using it.

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Maya
    It's so easy

    It's so easy to use your services. I love buying auto comments service too.

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Paulina Barnard
    Paulina Barnard
    This service contributed

    This service contributed so much to my Channel visibility. You guys are great.

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Jonathon Ponce
    Jonathon Ponce
    Didn't expect it

    Didn't expect it to work but it works!

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Meghan Conrad
    Meghan Conrad
    Best prices I've

    Best prices I've come across so far. I am going to use your other services too.

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Ahmad Sutton
    Ahmad Sutton
    Great service you

    Great service you guys! Keep up the good work!

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Kaleb Bowen
    Kaleb Bowen
    This is the

    This is the greatest service I’ve used. Never expected it to be so simple yet so efficient!

    5 5 1 2020-08-31 Katya Blevins
    Katya Blevins

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