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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

It's easy!

  1. Open Tumblr and navigate your profile to find a post. Copy its link to your clipboard.
  2. Go to InstaFollowers through a browser and open the "Buy Tumblr Reblogs" service from the menu.
  3. After you paste the link to the designated area there, don't forget to type in the number of reblogs you want to get.
  4. Hit "Buy Now " or "Add to Cart" to proceed to the payment.

No. We don't need to access your Tumblr blog in order to deliver your product. We suggest you never share your password.

That's a no! All the reblogs you get will stay on your profile. However, you can always reach us to inform a possible drop.

Of course. Our site is covered by an SSL certificate, so, no worries.

You can use the explore page, add tags to your posts, wait for the best time to post, and create the best creative content. If you don't want to wait for such a long time, you can buy reblogs. 

No. Reblogging is sharing others' content inside Tumblr. Reposting is sharing others' content from your account. It can be on other websites too. 

Yes, click on 'Customize' to get to the Theme Editor. Then enter your custom CSS into the box. This way, you can hide the reblog button. 

If you do it manually yourself, there is a limit of 250 reblogs per day.

Even though Tumblr has lost a fraction of its user base it is still quite popular and used by millions. Therefore, we believe it is worth the price.

Tumblr has deleted reblogs, but that is due to explicit material that went against the rules and regulations of the site. As long as you abide by the terms, your reblogs won't get deleted.

Yes, it is entirely possible. In fact, it is often done by bloggers to put emphasis on certain blog posts.

A reblog tree is the visual representation of reblogs that originate from the original post.

Comment on your experience

We care about your ideas and opinions. You can help us improve by evaluating our services and tools provided by our website by filling in our "comment on your experience" section down below.
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Buy Tumblr Reblogs - 100% Active,Real,Cheap | Instafollowers
Buy Tumblr reblogs to boost your account. You can use PayPal for payment. Start having a name for yourself by getting real reblogs!
Buy Tumblr Reblogs - 100% Active,Real,Cheap | Instafollowers
$ 5.50 2023-12-30 In stock https://www.instafollowers.co/buy-tumblr-reblogs
5 / 5
5 1 Total: 155 Rating
After I bought

After I bought 250 reblogs, visitors kept coming to my blogs. It is awesome and I recommend it to everyone.

5 5 1 2021-03-04 Ethan
Tumblr reblogs were

Tumblr reblogs were just what I needed. I'm glad I found this website.

5 5 1 2021-03-04 Nelson
The reblogs really

The reblogs really skyrocketed my Tumblr blog!! You guys are awesome.

5 5 1 2020-09-14 Nikkita Robertson
Nikkita Robertson
500 reblogs for

500 reblogs for almost 5 bucks, huh? More like fame for 5 bucks, haha!

5 5 1 2020-09-14 Adem Gibbons
Adem Gibbons
These guys let

These guys let you grow your Tumblr for the cheapest prices ive seen, lol!

5 5 1 2020-09-14 Jameson Valenzuela
Jameson Valenzuela
I have a

I have a humor page and the reblogs really got me new followers and likes so fast! I love InstaFollowers!

5 5 1 2020-09-14 Faith Sparrow
Faith Sparrow
The reblogs are

The reblogs are literally the best way to grow your visibility! My Tumblr is really growing wild, thanks to this!

5 5 1 2020-09-14 Tyler-Jay Strong
Tyler-Jay Strong
After I purchased

After I purchased this all my organic impressions started to grow. Thank you.

5 5 1 2020-01-21 Eddison
I checked one

I checked one by one and all of the reblogs I got were from real blogs. That's too much!

5 5 1 2020-01-21 Cleveland
Can't believe the

Can't believe the prices are that cheap compared to others. Great work!

5 5 1 2020-01-21 August
The delivery was

The delivery was pretty quick. I ordered 1000 reblogs and received them in half an hour.

5 5 1 2020-01-21 Imaani
I really enjoyed

I really enjoyed this service, though. You guys are the best place to buy social media stuff. Thanks.

5 5 1 2020-01-21 Montel

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