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This is a great service we have. If you get a lot of comments shortly after posting that video/pic etc, then the Instagram algorithm will see that as high-level engagement and your post's chance of being popular will rise greatly. Which will impact the probability of that post being shown on Instagram's 'Discover' page? If you could get on that page, you'd get at least tens of thousand followers in one day, it'd happen organically. If you purchase our Real Instagram Comments service, these comments will come from real people, from our InstaFollower team. Buy Real Instagram Comments 

The difference between Real Instagram Comments and Regular Instagram Comments is that while regular comments are made via software, Real Comments service is done by actual people. Which makes them look much better (even though our regular comments also look real) and these comments will have a huge effect on your popularity. As we said, real comments play a key role in your engagement rate. This can make your brand on Instagram successful, can make you a social media influencer, or it can give you the popularity you wanted.

Won't Decrease

Instagram comments will not decrease and they will not go away. This goes for both Regular and Real Comment Services we have. Comments we provide for you are permanent. 

How to Purchase

Just like our Regular Instagram Comments, it's very easy. You just give us the URL of the photo you want us to comment under, and that's it. You can also buy auto-comments, if you wish to buy comments in bulk, meaning in large quantities.