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Buy Instagram Auto-Comments

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Instagram auto comments can make more than one comments on your selected posts. If you want to buy Instagram comments you can do it with our service.

We provide numerous comments for your Instagram posts at a fair price.


When you enter the page you need to choose the auto comment section then you can select your user type. We have real users and bot users. After the choosing user type, you will see two different chooses. First one is for your future Instagram posts and the second one is for already shared Instagram posts.

Enter how much comment and how many posts do you want and also enter your username. Now you can pay your order. After the payment process, we will send you to order in 15 minutes.

In the payment page, you can use your credit card or PayPal account.


Instagram multi photo bot comment service provides users to very fast and easy Instagram post comments. With these comments, your profile and post can increase its follower numbers and potentials.

If you want to buy Instagram multi photo bot comment you should enter the Instagram comment page and select to BOT section. Then you can choose which comment type you want to buy instagram auto comments. We have two different multi-comment types, first, one for future Instagram pictures and the other one is existing Instagram pictures.

You can choose which one you need and then you need to write your Instagram username and photo quantity and how much comment do you want for per photo. Our system will calculate the price for you and you can click to buy it and proceed to check out buy auto comments.

Why Buy Auto Comments 

Instagram Auto Comment is one of the best and fastest ways to gain new followers. You just need to add a list of comments that you'd like to send and let the bots do the rest. Then the comments these bots leave will be the comments you chose for your pictures. So your comment section under your pictures will be exactly like you want. Besides, it looks so lonely and sad when someone posts a picture but they get no comments.

This will create high amounts of engagement on your Instagram account, which will bring more followers and likes. If someone sees your photos getting a lot of comments and likes, they're more inclined to do the same to you. Especially if you reply to your comments and/or like them. If your engagement rate gets higher, you'll be recommended to more people and you may even be on the Discover page of Instagram. Which would be a dream come true if you wish to gain popularity on the platform.