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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

To get TikTok auto likes, all you have to do is follow the steps above. Enter your username and likes number. Then, click Buy Now. 

Absolutely! Since we do not require your password, your account is %100 safe.

TikTok auto likes are an automated service that likes your future posts automatically on TikTok.

After you post, our service sends your likes as soon as possible.

We will refund your purchase if we fail to deliver your likes.

No one will ever notice as long as you keep a natural look on your engagement.

You can pay via a variety of payment methods we offer. These methods include PayPal, Checkout, Coinbase, and more!

Follow the trends, produce quality content on a regular basis, mind what hours people are mostly online, interact with your audience or save time by buying TikTok auto likes.

You can buy automatic likes up to 50000 maximum. 

All you have to do is provide your TikTok username and how many automatic likes you want for your posts. And also, you can choose multiple posts to buy likes. 

It is not likely that your account will be blocked because buying automatic likes is a safe process.

No, unfortunately, you can only buy likes for your future posts. 

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Buy Automatic TikTok Likes - Real & Instant
Buy Automatic TikTok likes to save time on creating content and boost your TikTok profile every time you share a video!
Buy Automatic TikTok Likes - Real & Instant
$ 0.75 2023-12-30 In stock
4.32 / 5
5 1 Total: 5 Rating
All is good

All is good even though I had a problem with my payment not going through but customer service fixed it in like five minutes. Thanks!

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Dominic Rhodes
Dominic Rhodes
Buy TikTok auto

Buy TikTok auto likes? Where has this been all this time? Straight up better than rest of sites out there.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Vikki Mckeown
Vikki Mckeown
I've been waiting

I've been waiting for TikTok auto likes for ages ever since I had it for my Insta account. Thanks InstaFollowers.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Shamas Decker
Shamas Decker
I just bought

I just bought 50 likes for my next 10 posts. Don't tell me you don't love this!

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Olivia-Grace Dunne
Olivia-Grace Dunne
Yet another well-thought-out

Yet another well-thought-out service from InstaFollowers. I never thought TikTok auto likes were a thing.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Luc Barrett
Luc Barrett
Very good and

Very good and trustable service. I will buy again.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Scarlett North
Scarlett North
I buy TikTok

I buy TikTok auto likes for my mother who does very fun cooking tiktoks but unfortunately she doesnt get any views or likes. I'll start buying auto views as well.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Joseff Hayward
Joseff Hayward
I'm never going

I'm never going back to buying normal likes, auto likes forever.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Tomi Partridge
Tomi Partridge
My son loves

My son loves posting on TikTok but gets sad when he doesnt get likes. His Fortnite dances gets auto likes thanks to me and he doesnt know :)

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Shantelle Owen
Shantelle Owen
Don't tell me

Don't tell me this doesn't make your life easier.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Jazmine Wong
Jazmine Wong
I had enough

I had enough of buying TikTok likes each time I posted. Now, I can buy TikTok auto likes for ten of my future posts at a time.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Eduard Mccan
Eduard Mccan
I was wondering

I was wondering how I could get TikTok auto likes. Finally, InstaFollowers started its service.

5 5 1 2023-01-20 Aneesa Watt
Aneesa Watt

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Live Support
Live Support