Buy Instagram Auto Views

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Instagram auto-video view is most useable service for who wants to reach more video view on Instagram. With this service users can get thousands of views for their Instagram accounts and also reach thousands of real Instagram users with high digit video views.


From the main page you need to enter Instagram comment section. Then you can select auto video view. When enter the auto video view page, there will be two different choices and you need to choose one for buying Instagram auto video view.

First choice is “next videos”, with this auto view feature you can add numerous videos to system for getting likes after the sharing. Just write your Instagram username, video amount and views per video. But you can not write lower than 5 video amount and less than 100 video views.

Second choice is current videos, current videos means you already shared your Instagram video on Instagram. If you want to buy auto-video views to your current Instagram videos as like the first step you should write your username, video amount and views per video. In current videos you can select minimum 2 Instagram videos. And system will find your latest two video for views.