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YouTube Shorts Monetization Features

YouTube Shorts Monetization Features

YouTube Shorts are still fresh from the oven, namely one of the latest functionalities of the famous video platform. You have probably noticed how these bite-sized clips are becoming viral day by day. They have already managed to catch the attention of many who are seeking new ways to express themselves online. ‘Incisive and addictive’ is the new credo of the visual storytelling sector. What if we told you that this 15 to 60-second format can also be profitable in financial terms? That’s right, YouTube Shorts monetization features will be our topic of the day. We will more particularly try to understand what YouTube Shorts fund and bonuses are about. 

YouTube Shorts Fund

The supremacy of Snapchat and TikTok seems to be over. YouTube is indeed determined to take the vertical video experience to the next level. The deal is no more about investing in classical video content through revenues generated by ads. What YouTube wants now is to establish a sort of privilege club. How? Thanks to a brand new YouTube fund. The platform has spared 100 million dollars for the unique purpose of supporting YouTube Shorts monetization. So on the one hand, the company is really willing to motivate video creators, while also outstripping its competitors. On the other hand, there’s this undeniable ‘club’ spirit because not everyone can join the ‘party’. In order to benefit from the Short funds, the candidates must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Being in one of the countries or regions officially listed by YouTube.
  • The age restriction for the United States is being 13 or older. For other countries: having reached the age of majority.
  • For candidates aged 13 to 18: having a parent or legal guardian adhering to the platform policy. The parent or legal guardian must also have an AdSense account for payments (unless the channel is already linked to one). 
  • Adhering to the YouTube Shorts monetization policy, as well as YouTube’s general terms of service and copyright. 
  • Having a channel that has uploaded at least one selectable Short video in the last 180 days. 
  • Avoiding any copyright infringement and the use of stolen/directly copied material (from third-party sites, etc.). 

If you satisfy those requirements while also producing good-quality videos, you can earn a bonus. 

youtube shorts bonus

YouTube Shorts Bonus

As you see, the YouTube creator fund has been set up in order to reward the efforts of Short makers. This is done through the distribution of a bonus.  In other words, you have the possibility to get a certain amount of money for your Shorts. It’s a great chance for YouTube marketing. So how does the system work?

Well, first of all, your Short(s) need to qualify. Other than the aforementioned conditions, there are also performance criteria regarding the videos. The only problem is that YouTube still lacks clarity when it comes to explaining those criteria. Right now, the success factors seem subject to change from one month to the other. Some sources even indicate that the location of the viewers might be playing an important role. Nevertheless, producing original, straight to the point, and appealing videos is likely to increase your chances. 

Then what? The Google-owned platform will select monthly several thousands of creators according to their performance throughout the previous month. If you are one of the lucky winners, YouTube will inform you both via email and a notification in the app. This will happen after the first week of each month. One note of caution is required at this point. Keep in mind that you have to claim your bonus by the 25th of the month you have been informed. Otherwise, you may not be able to ever get it. 

What about the average fee? You can earn between 100 and 10,000 USD per month. Not bad at all, right? 

How to Improve Your Youtube Shorts?

To improve your youtube shorts videos, You can buy our Youtube shorts products;

youtube shorts fund

YouTube Shorts Monetization In… Short 

The YouTube Shorts monetization system is quite easy to understand. As long as you fit the suitable candidate profile, the rest is all about dedication. What we mean by dedication is that the Short format has certainly its own logic. You will have to ‘say’ much in way less time and space than with conventional videos. You can turn this into an exciting challenge and spur your creativity. Plus, knowing that YouTube can select your content and pay for it is an extra source of motivation. So don’t wait any longer. Let your Shorts boost your income.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. Those who are using the YouTube app can access them via the Shorts tab. Other than that, your Shorts are also visible on your channel page. People who have subscribed to your channel will be specifically notified as well. 

Once you get the notification via email or YouTube app, you will see a ‘Claim Bonus’ link. Click on it. You will be redirected to the fund page. Start by accepting the bonus terms. You can then create an AdSense account or use an already existing one. 

Once you have claimed your bonus, the payment process can take between 4 and 6 weeks. Expect a longer delay if you have created an AdSense account for the first time. AdSense payments are usually made between the 21st and 26th of each month. 

Yes, it does. You can get paid with that method. 

The answer eventually depends on your goals. For example, how much money are you hoping to make monthly through such activities? Does the shortened footage suit your personal style? In sum, you have to ask yourself a set of questions in order to determine your expectations. 

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    Noel Graves

    This blog post on YouTube Shorts monetization features is an incredibly informative and helpful resource. It provides a comprehensive overview of the different ways to monetize your Shorts content, as well as helpful tips and tricks to maximize your earnings. I highly recommend this blog post to anyone looking to monetize their Shorts content on YouTube!