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Most Asked Questions about YouTube 

One of the best platforms for video content and audience interaction is YouTube. Even with excellent content and insight into your target audience, you must learn much about YouTube to make the most of the platform and avoid having your content taken down for violating the rules. 

Even if you might not be certain if it’s the best platform for you, you may have thought about launching a YouTube channel occasionally. The thought of “How will I start my YouTube channel?”, “Do I need to pay YouTube for extra benefits?” and “Is YouTube safe to use? “as well as “Can I earn money by creating content on YouTube?” may have already entered your head, even though starting something new always seems like a difficult challenge to complete. 

To learn how to use YouTube securely, take advantage of the app and the Premium subscription, and do so without breaking any rules or guidelines, make sure to read our answers to the most frequently asked questions about YouTube. 

How to Download the YouTube App on Android 

By installing the YouTube app on your Android phone or tablet, you may effortlessly view YouTube on that device. Simply navigate to Google Play Store on your Android device to accomplish this. Click Install after entering “YouTube” in the search box. The app will be installed on your Android device within a few seconds. This method can also be used to download the YouTube app on Android TV. Keep in mind that you must have a Google account to download apps and that only Android devices running Android 5.0 or higher are compatible with the app. You can follow a similar process with your iPhone by installing YouTube from App Store.

What Are YouTube Premium Benefits? 

With a YouTube premium subscription, you can watch videos without advertisements, have YouTube videos play in the background on your device, save YouTube videos to your device so you can watch them later without an internet connection, and more.

youtube premium

YouTube Premium is a great way to make users’ biggest wishes come true. Because it allows them to watch videos without being interrupted by commercials or the requirement for an internet connection. Users of YouTube Premium can also access free services like Google Play Music and YouTube Music Premium. You can get more information from YouTube Support. If you don’t like the premium plan, you can learn how to cancel YouTube Premium.

How to Stay Safe on YouTube 

On a platform where you share your experience, thoughts, and interests, you won’t want to run across hate speech, harassment, improper content, or privacy violation. One of the best ways to interact with people online is through YouTube. Still, to keep you safe while using the app, YouTube has policies against hate speech directed at any age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation and against repeated or malicious insults of physical characteristics or attributes. This aids in shielding users from discrimination and harassment. Also, YouTube users have the option to report or block any malicious remarks as well as offensive or harmful content. To increase your security on YouTube, you can learn more from YouTube Help Center.

How to Subscribe to YouTube Channels 

You must subscribe to a particular YouTube channel if you wish to see more of its content. Simply navigate to YouTube in your web browser. Then, log in to your account if you want to subscribe to a channel on a desktop. Visit a video on the channel you wish to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe under the video player.

how to subscribe on youtube

Use the YouTube app on your Android or iPhone/iPad, though, to subscribe to YouTube channels using your mobile device. Then, hit the channel icon beneath the video whose channel you wish to subscribe to, then tap the Subscribe button. 

How to Determine if Your Content Is “Made for Kids” 

Regardless of the content you create, you are legally obligated to abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). A video is not suitable for children if it contains mature content that is inappropriate for kids, such as sexual, violent, or obscene themes. On the other hand, if the content you intend to share is for kids or if your video is still oriented toward kids due to the presence of actors, characters, games, songs, stories, or other content that directly addresses them, then your content is produced for kids. You can also learn how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

How to Protect Your Identity on YouTube 

YouTube takes online security seriously and offers you the option to protect your YouTube channel against hacking, piracy, and other forms of attack. You can always report comments or users to YouTube if they violate your privacy or safety. Furthermore, you have the right to ask that any content that contains your personal data (such as your complete name, picture, voice, or financial information) be removed following YouTube privacy policies if it was posted without your consent. Make sure to use a strong password, and avoid sharing it with anyone else. Also, use 2-Step Verification to protect your account, and do periodic security checks if you want to use YouTube securely. 

What Is Harmful or Dangerous Content Policy on YouTube? 

Anything promoting risky or illegal acts that could lead to major physical harm or death is prohibited on YouTube. These behaviors range from telling viewers how to steal and commit a crime to instructing them on how to kill. They also include exceedingly risky challenges or pranks that can result in severe injury or death. Be careful to report any content that promotes these harmful or illegal actions to YouTube for breaking their Community Guidelines. Also, make sure your content never goes against the Community Guideless. If you’ve broken the rules, your content will be deleted, and you’ll get an email notification. However, your channel will be terminated if you receive three strikes within 90 days. 

How to Change Your Subscription Privacy Settings on YouTube

On YouTube, every setting is set to private by default. The privacy setting for your subscriptions prevents other YouTube users from seeing the channels you follow. Nevertheless, you must sign into your YouTube account to update your privacy settings. After that, click on your profile picture and select Settings. After selecting Settings, a menu will appear on the left. Choose Privacy from the menu by scrolling through it. Finally, depending on your preferences, make sure to enable or disable the “Keep all my subscriptions secret” option. 

How to Earn Money on YouTube 

YouTube is a fantastic platform for making money, and you can use the platform to make money. You need to apply to and be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program to make money on YouTube. When applying to the program, it’s critical that you build a visually appealing channel with engaging material. When you apply to the YouTube Partner program, you also need to ensure you follow all YouTube regulations and guidelines. Using this program, you can make money by selling your goods, encouraging your audience to subscribe to your channel, and utilizing advertising. Also, receive a part of the subscription price from YouTube Premium customers who view your video. It would be better to learn how much do YouTubers make before starting a YouTube channel. You can buy YouTube views to speed up this process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

YouTube pays around $1-2 for 1000 views.

Most of the users watch reviews and advertise for products that they think to buy.

You can get around $2,000 to $20 per 1 million YouTube Shorts views.

Most of the potential views come from subscribers. Also, subscribers make your channel more professional and reliable. That’s why they are effective for views.

Yes, replays and re-visits are counted as a view.

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