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YouTube Comment Finder: Top 5 Methods to Search 

Google suggests that comments made by users on webpages could be beneficial for SEO, but it’s crucial to closely monitor them to prevent spam and other problems. If users stick to the topic and leave comments that are related to the content of the page, it can boost the page’s search engine rankings. For instance, relevant comments about YouTube’s subject matter can help Google comprehend the content more effectively. 

Understanding the Importance of Comment Searches 

The popularity of modern websites where people can share information, like online newspapers, shopping sites, and video-sharing platforms, has made it important to have good search features. Users can write comments on these websites about the topics they are interested in. While there has been work on searching for content using keywords or tags, there hasn’t been much research on how user comments can make searches better. When you search for a video on YouTube, the website looks at the words you typed in and compares them to the video’s title, description, and keywords. 

Engaging with Your Audience 

Engaging with your audience helps you create a successful community, improve your content, and ultimately grow as a content creator. In addition to this, engaging with your audience encourages a positive, interactive, and long relationship between you and your viewers, which is fundamental to your success on the platform. 

Analyzing Feedback for Improved Content Creation 

Listening to what customers have to say is important for making your content better. When customers give feedback, it can show you what they like, what they need, and what they hope to get from your product. Make your content better with what customers say. Via YouTube comment finders, you can easily get the information. 

Analyzing Feedback for Improved Content Creation 
  • Collect feedback: You have several options to gather feedback from your customers. You can use surveys, have conversations with them, read their reviews and testimonials, and pay attention to what they say on social media. 
  • Analyze feedback: You need to look at the feedback you got and find the things that are the same, the things that happen a lot, and the things that are missing.  
  • Prioritize feedback: You can use a chart or a way to give each piece of feedback a score based on different things, like how many customers talked about it and how big the problem is. 

You can learn more from YouTube Support to discover YouTube comment insights.

Diving into YouTube Studio 

YouTube Studio is a powerful tool for content creators on the platform, offering a range of features and insights to help you manage your channel and grow your audience. Using YouTube Studio, you can check, control, and engage with comments on your channel and its videos.  

Accessing Comments via Dashboard 

To use the YouTube comment management system, go to your YouTube Creator Studio and click on “Comments” on the left side. You will find two types of comments there: “Public” and “Held for review.” In simpler terms, it helps you quickly locate comments on various YouTube videos and channels. Such tools are important as you can also see to find your most liked comment on YouTube

Filtering and Managing Comments Effectively 

You can effectively filter and manage comments on your YouTube videos, ensuring a positive environment for your audience. Also, you can use YouTube comment finders. Some steps are listed below: 

  • Enable Comment Moderation 
  • Use YouTube’s Built-in Filters 
  • Manually Review Comments 
  • Respond to Legitimate Comments 
  • Use Filters for Held Comments 

If you don’t have enough comments, you can buy YouTube comments.

Third-Party YouTube Comment Finder Tools 

YouTube Comment Finder is a free online tool that helps you search for and locate specific comments within a YouTube video. These tools come in handy when you’re looking for a particular comment or want to view all the comments on a specific video, as well as how to find your YouTube comment history. The most used third-party YouTube comment finders are listed below: 

  1. YouTube Comment Finder 
  2. Hadzy 
  3. YouTube Comment Search 
  4. YouTube Studio 

YCF – YouTube Comment Finder 

The YCS, also known as YouTube Comment Search, is like an extra tool you can add to Google Chrome. With it, you can look for comments, replies, chat conversations, and the video’s spoken words for the video you’re watching on YouTube

youtube comment finder

How to Use It 

Just type a word or a username in the search box. After that, (YTC) YouTube Comment Finder will show you a list of things. You can arrange them by when they were said, how many people liked them, or how many people didn’t like them, and use the filters to make the list shorter and find what you want. 

  1. Go to YouTube comment finder. 
  2. Put the link of the video you want to check comments for in the search bar. 
  3. Click the “Search” button, and the video’s details will show on the screen.  
  4. In the search bar, type the word you’re looking for and click “Search” again. You will see the comments related to your keyword below the search bar.  
  5. You can do this for any video on YouTube

Pros and Cons 

  • Quick search 
  • Export comments 
  • Multilingual search 
  • Flexible 
  • No plugin option 


Hadzy is a good tool for finding comments on YouTube videos. You can use it to find comments about a particular video. You can use it for any YouTube video, even private. It shows the newest comments first and puts them in order by how many people liked them, didn’t like them, or if someone replied. 

hadzy youtube comment finder

How to Use It 

This is a tool on the internet to find what people say on YouTube videos. It’s free, and you don’t need to make an account or log in to use it. To use it, just put the video’s web address in the search bar on the Hadzy website. 

  1. Visit the website com.  
  2. Put the web address of the video you want and tap the magnifying glass icon.  
  3. When it locates the video, it will display some general details.  
  4. Click on “Load Data.” 
  5. Select “View Comments.”  
  6. Now, you will see all the comments on the video. You can sort them by likes, replies, or when they were posted. This way, you can find the oldest or newest comments for that video. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Simple to use 
  • No plugin 


Ytcommentfinder lets you search for comments on YouTube by using words. You can use it to find comments that are important on famous videos or to find comments from a particular person. 

How to Use It 

Just put a word or a username in the search box. YTComment Finder will show you a list of things. You can put them in order by when they were said, how many people liked them, or how many people didn’t like them. You can make the list shorter with filters as well as follow people who leave good comments or get messages when new comments are on your videos. 

  1. Open the Chrome web store.  
  2. Search for “YouTube comment search.”  
  3. Choose “YCS – YouTube comment search” and click “Add to Chrome.” Click “Add extension” when prompted.  
  4. This adds a search tool to your YouTube comments.  
  5. Now, in the YouTube comments section, you can search for comments with specific keywords whenever you need. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Easy to use 
  • Shows analytics 
  • No plugin 

Leveraging Chrome Extensions for Comment Searches 

Using special tools in Google Chrome can help you find comments easily. These tools are like little helpers that make it simpler to search for and discover specific comments on websites like YouTube.  

Benefits of Browser Extensions 

They make it easier to find the comments you want to see. Add them to your Chrome web browser, and you can search for comments more effectively, especially on YouTube. 

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If you use the YouTube Comment Finder extension, you can quickly view all the comments. 

Top Extensions for YouTube Comments 

  • YouTube Comment Search 
  • YouTube Comment Explorer 
  • YouTube Comment Filter 
  • Comment Overlay 

Utilizing Your Browser’s Search Function 

There are different YouTube comment search finders that you can add to your web browser, like the ones for Chrome. These tools make finding and understanding comments on particular videos even easier. You can read comments, find the most popular ones, and even see comments while you’re watching videos on YouTube

Simple Steps to Find Comments 

YouTube comment finder tools are like tiny programs for Google Chrome. They help you look through YouTube comments. After you get one, just search on Google for “YouTube Comment Finder,” and you’ll find a list of the best ones. 

Limitations and Best Practices 

When using tools to find YouTube comments, it’s essential to remember a few things. These tools depend on the information YouTube provides and may not always be completely accurate.  

Delving into YouTube Comment History 

Controlling your YouTube comments is easy and helps you handle your online conversations better.  

Accessing Your Comment Activity 

To check your comments on YouTube using a computer (like a desktop, laptop, or Mac), follow these steps: 

  1. Go to YouTube and log in to your account. 
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the screen. This opens a menu. Scroll down and find “History.” Click on it. 
  3. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a menu called “Manage all history” with different choices. Click on “Comments.” 
  4. Now, you’ll see all your comments on YouTube videos. You can look through the list to find the comment you want, or you can use the search bar to find a specific comment. 
  5. Once you find the comment you want to see, click on it. You can then see the video it was on, the date and time it was posted, and any answers to it. 

Analyzing and Reflecting on Past Interactions 

Analyzing and Reflecting on Past Reflecting on Past Interactions: Sometimes, it’s a good idea to think about the times you’ve talked to others. This can help you learn from those experiences and improve your communication with people. 

Youtube Comment Finders 

Tools for YouTube comment finders, like comment finders and search engines, help users find interesting comments in the big sea of YouTube comments. With these tools, people who make videos and those who watch them can join the community, find fresh ideas, and join important talks. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

YouTube does not provide a direct one-click option to delete all comments, but some outside tools and programs say they can delete lots of comments at once. 

Yes. If you delete your YouTube channel, all your Community posts, comments, and replies will be removed permanently. 

When you click on the notification, the comment will be marked with a special tag, and you will find it at the top of the comments section. 

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