How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube?

How to Create a Brand Account on YouTube?

Nowadays, people prefer watching videos rather than reading blogs. That’s why YouTube is a great platform for the business world to promote their products. Having a brand account on YouTube can give you a chance to make your market strategy more successful. You can create one and start to be more effective in marketing. 

What Is a Brand Account on YouTube? 

It is a special account that allows brands to promote their products. It is connected with a personal account, but that connection is all private, and nobody can see it. Another good thing on a brand account is that you can add managers to your account. So, you can create a workflow between your managers and can create a better market strategy. It is essential because when your channel is growing, you need to manage workflow better. 

Create a YouTube Brand Account

How to Set Up A Brand Account on YouTube?

Creating a brand account on YouTube is super easy, and everyone can do that without any difficulty. You need to follow these steps: 

  • Firstly, you need to have a personal account to have a brand account. If you do not have a personal account, you can open a new one on YouTube’s main page. It is so easy to have a personal account; you just need to log in your information and can get a new personal account in a short time. 
  • If you already have a personal account on YouTube, log in. 
  • Go to Settings from your personal account. 
  • On the settings, click on “Create A New Channel.” 
  • Then, write the name of your brand and start to use your brand account. 
  • Customize your account on YouTube in terms of brand identity and content. 
  • Add managers to your account according to your needs. 
  • Start to use your brand account to promote your business. 


Should I have a brand account on YouTube? 

Yes, definitely. If you want to promote your business, having one is quite important. People use YouTube more than other web sites, and it is a good place to promote your business.

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Is it free to have a brand account on YouTube? 

Creating one is free on YouTube. You do not need to pay anything to have a brand account.

How can I add managers to the brand account? 

In order to add managers to your account, go to settings on YouTube. Click on add and remove the manager’s section and start to add managers to your account.


Brand Account is a special feature of YouTube that allows brands to promote their products. Different from personal accounts, you can add managers to your brand account to produce more content effectively. It is really important because when the channel is growing, the workflow will be harder. You can create a brand account on YouTube in just a few steps. Just go to your personal account on YouTube and become YouTube branded.  

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