Why Isn’t Instagram Working

Why Isn’t Instagram Working

What could the reasons be for Instagram not working? From time to time you’ll realize Instagram has that rare crash. There could be many reasons behind this but there’s not much you can do if its faulty on Instagram’s side. However, to confirm that it’s not in your hands there are a few things you can try before declaring Instagram’s servers are down. Think of this like a checklist. (Instagram Support)

Instagram not working

It Can Be as Simple as a Bad Internet Connection

First, check your Internet connection. Try both Wi-Fi and your own mobile data and see if Instagram works that way. It could just be your Wi-Fi has a bad connection and the same goes with your data.

Restart your Device

Maybe it’s not your Internet but it’s your device. Try restarting your phone/tablet and see if that works to get back on Instagram.

Try Deleting and Reinstalling Instagram.

This is sort of a last resort option as this very unlikely to fix your problem however sometimes it can do the trick. No way of knowing until you try it for yourself.

How to do this on iPhone

  • Press and hold the Instagram app until it starts shaking
  • Press on the “x” to delete the app.
  • Go to the app store and Reinstall Instagram
  • Log back into your account

(this won’t delete anything on Instagram)

How to do this on Android

  • Go to your phone Settings and go to Applications > Manage Applications > Instagram.
  • Tap Uninstall.
  • Then, go to the Google Play Store, reinstall Instagram
  • Then, log in with your username and password. (again, nothing will be deleted)

 Check if your Instagram is updated.

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If you have an older version of the app this can cause issues.

Instagram not working

Ask others

Ask your friends or family if their Instagram is working. Usually when Instagram is down it’s down for everyone.

If Instagram is still not working;

Sometimes the issue will resolve itself without any actions taken. Just wait it out. We promise you will be fine.

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