Why Do We Lose Rank On Google?

Why Do We Lose Rank On Google?

Every business, every website wants to rank high on the Google Search result pages. Ranking high and increasing traffic is important for these websites and businesses because Google is a major source of traffic. Losing rank on the result pages would cause less traffic, meaning less revenue. So why do we lose rank on Google?

The websites do not lose rankings just because of one reason. It is mostly caused by several reasons. Google, as a search engine, can update or change its algorithm, and suddenly, your webpages’ usefulness, relevance, and validity could change. On the other hand, there could be another website or webpage that has better content for Google than yours. Additionally, you should always remember that Google may no longer trust your website regarding malicious content, adware, and spyware. Which causes your website to be de-indexed and removed from Google.

Reasons Why Your Website Is Losing Rank

Reasons Why Your Website Is Losing Rank

There can be several reasons why your website is losing rank on Google, and we will mention some of the reasons why do we lose rank on Google.

Google Ranking Actually Dropped?

Before all get technical, you need to be sure that your ranking tracker has localized properly and not acting up. Even with a slight update on Google search engine result pages could lead to updating for your tracker. You also need to properly investigate your organic traffic. Has it changed drastically over the past weeks or something else? You may check other keywords’ or webpages’ rankings to be sure.

Did Google Update Their Algorithm?

Google is always trying new things and improving their algorithm. You can always check out what Google has changed from its website. What Google has changed and what Google is penalizing with the new update are the two important questions.

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Has Your Website Lost Links?

You need to compare your links from the past days and the days you have experienced the rank drop. You should find the answer to these questions:

  • Is it a site-wide link drop?
  • Are lost links on the same pages affected by rank drop?
  • Is it inbound links?

If possible, you need to get the links back and find more. If the issue is inbound links, you can quickly replace or remove them. 

Recently Updated Pages

If you wanted to change or update your webpage, there are several steps to help you maintain your rankings:

  • Do not change the URL
  • Be careful with the page titles, H1, H2, etc.
  • Your keyword density
  • Correct use of 301 Redirecting
  • Check the link structure of inbound links

User Experience

Google does not rely on just keywords and links of the webpage to determine it’s usefulness anymore. User experience is one of the important variables nowadays. But how does Google determine the better user experience? Well, there are different determination variables such as bounce rate, page loading time, time spent on a page, returning users, and so on. 

So, Google loves when people hang on your webpages. You always need to pay close attention to your user experience and constantly improve it regarding users. Your content should be appealing, engaging, and satisfying. You need to be remembered, and people should be able to find what they are looking for on your webpages. Your content should be unique, resourceful, and error-free.

Also, ads are not bad as long as they do not hinder the user experience. People come to your website for your content and not the days. Sure, ads are a way of making money, but it should not be the main reason for your website. Additionally, your pop-ups, such as exit, newsletter, sign-up, etc., should be carefully placed and not annoy the visitors. Besides, you need to keep an eye on these pop-ups and ads because of page loading time. If it takes too long to load a page because of them, you may lose the visitors.

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Competition Got Harder

Your rank might have been changed because you did nothing wrong. Every day, new websites are popping up and change the competition. Since creating content is a never-ending process, you need to be able to create content constantly. You also need to check your competitors regularly and learn from them. What did they do to outrank you is the most important questions.

FAQs About Google Rankings

Google ranking affected by traffic?

Google does care about popularity and, therefore, traffic, but it does not just depend on that. From your content to your links, Google uses a complex algorithm to determine your rank.

What to do when the organic traffic drops?

As stated above, there could be different reasons why organic traffic drops. Start from your rank tracker and then check all the possible reasons have explained above. It can vary from a design change to your user experience.

How to improve Google ranking?

There are different approaches to improve your Google ranking. The most important strategies are improving your user experience, optimized SEO, page speed, links, and header tags.

Concluding the Reasons to Lose Rank on Google

We have answered the question: ‘why do we lose rank on Google?’ Unfortunately, there is no easy way to maintain or increase your ranking on Google. It is the world of SEO, and it keeps changing, improving. The best way to keep up is to constantly improve yourself and your websites with these changes.

If you want to learn more about Google Ranking, you can always check other articles about it.

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