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Why Do I Keep Losing Followers on TikTok? 

As you may already know, TikTok is one of the most preferred social media platforms to share short videos that users create. Both business and individual accounts benefit from the billions of users which is also a potential for a digital marketing platform. This highlights the importance of the number of followers of the related accounts. Brands, businesses, or influencers that have a higher number of followers could reach target customers. However, keeping the number of followers is a challenge because of some reasons. Some users may face losing followers from time to time. In this blog, we will explore the reasons for losing followers on TikTok and answer frequently asked questions about the subject. 

Why Are TikTok Followers Suddenly Decreasing? 

It can be unfortunate to realize that the number of TikTok followers you have worked so hard to increase has started to decrease. But rest assured, this is a situation that happens to others, too. There may be many different reasons why your followers are decreasing. To prevent losing followers, you must first determine the reason or reasons. This way, you can prevent losing and increase your number of followers again. For example, there can be reasons such as your content no longer attracts your followers’ attention or your content publishing period does not meet the expectations of your followers. Let’s examine in detail what the reasons might be. 

Does Tiktok Remove Followers? 

Since TikTok is a popular social media and gaining many followers is crucial, there may be some fake accounts. Also, some accounts may violate TikTok guidelines. Because of this, TikTok periodically checks whether the accounts are bots or do not follow the guidelines. In case they find the account unsuitable, they remove it. So, losing followers on TikTok is possible if they are bots or guideline-violating accounts. 

What Should You Do to Avoid Losing Your TikTok Followers? 

Sometimes, your posts don’t attract your followers anymore, or they may have unfollowed you because you post at much longer intervals than they think. Or some of your followers may have been removed by TikTok because they are fake accounts. When you detect all these, it will be easier to take measures to increase the number of your followers again. Now, we will give you some information on how you can do this. 

you may be shadowbanned by TikTok

You May Be Shadowbanned  

Although there is no precise evidence, TikTok may have shadowbanned your account. This may occur if your content is perceived as spam by TikTok or, although not completely, it violates TikTok rules. When your account is shadowbanned, you have a limit to reach, and you cannot see your content on the For You Page. But, of course, there is a solution to the shadowbanned penalty. 

Create Up-to-date and Useful Content 

One of the most important reasons for losing followers of TikTok may be that the content you share is not up-to-date or not appealing enough. TikTok’s algorithm uncovers trends and top content and makes what’s up-to-date more visible. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to determine the interests of your target follower base and create up-to-date, useful, interesting, and entertaining content that suits their interests. By adding a little creativity to your content, you will be able to become much more noticeable. Remember that when you produce quality and up-to-date content that attracts your followers’ attention, your followers will share your account with others and make you more popular. 

Catch the Trends! 

In the TikTok platform, like a billion of the content ocean, some content goes viral compared to others and is viewed and shared by millions of people. It is inevitable to follow the trends to be visible and not lose the number of followers in this dynamic environment where new content and trends are created daily. To catch the trends on TikTok, you should explore trending content such as viral videos, popular dances, songs, and challenges from the Discover page. You should also follow popular accounts, and influencers in your interest area that can help you in creating new ideas. The For You page is also helpful in catching trends related to your interests and preferences.   

Address Controversial Topics to Increase Comments 

Getting many comments is a way of attracting more followers. You can share content related to controversial topics to increase the number of comments. However, sharing content on controversial topics is a risky situation that may cause you to lose followers in some cases. The shared content must not be derogatory towards any group, religion, or gender and must not contain hate language. Instead, discussion topics that encourage people to think and include different opinions and different perspectives can be interesting. So, by creating videos on controversial topics without causing any provoking, you can encourage your followers to share their comments about the topic and this may prevent losing followers on TikTok. You may also be interested in how to edit a TikTok video after posting.

Follow and Comply with Tiktok Community Guidelines 

When creating an account on TikTok, you agree to comply with the TikTok Community Guidelines. TikTok removes content from the platform that does not comply with or violates the rules. These guidelines protect people’s freedom of expression. Protect their reputation, ensure the safety of young people from abuse or psychological, physical, or developmental issues, prevent violent threats that could harm people, animals, or property, prevent hate behavior, hate speech, or promote hate ideologies on any subject. It has purposes such as not allowing inconvenient content to be shared and not allowing inaccurate, misleading, or inaccurate content that may cause serious harm to individuals or society. 

interact more with your followers to not to lose them

Interact More With Your Followers and Increase Your Live Broadcasts 

One of the most effective methods to prevent losing followers on TikTok and attracting the attention of followers is to constantly interact with your followers. To achieve this, you need to know the interests of your follower base and share up-to-date, interesting, and entertaining content accordingly. For example, you can communicate more closely with them by making live broadcasts. With the help of live broadcasts, you could respond much faster to the comments or likes of your followers. In this way, followers can share your content with other people, making your account popular and bringing you more followers. 

Use the Right Hashtags! 

Even though you have prepared very creative and entertaining content on TikTok, it does not attract as much attention as you want. This may be due to incorrect hashtags on the related subject. Therefore, it will be very helpful for you to examine which hashtags similar accounts or competitors use on the topics you publish content on. Constantly posting content to the most popular hashtags may cause you to fall behind. Because too many people share on the subject. Therefore, it will be possible for you to be more noticeable if you use the right hashtags in which you can be the best and most creative in your niche. Don’t forget to check TikTok Help for more!

How to Gain Your Tiktok Followers Back Quickly?  

We have examined in detail in the upper headings of our blog the answers to the question “Why am I losing followers on TikTok?”. The reasons should be that your account may have been shadowbanned, the content you share is outdated, or not appealing enough. And you are not catching the trends on TikTok. You are not getting many comments to attract more followers. TikTok is removing the content or the followers from the platform that does not comply with the guidelines. Also, you are not interacting more with your followers, increasing your live broadcasts, and not using the correct hashtags on the related subject.  

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When you detect these problems, you can take the necessary precautions and regain your lost followers. All of this requires serious effort and a tiring process. If your TikTok account is a business account or influencer account, the consequences of losing followers can be much more dire. Therefore, you can find a much more effective and faster solution to avoid enduring this troublesome process and experiencing financial losses. It is possible to buy TikTok followers, TikTok comments, and buy TikTok saves. By finding a high-quality platform that sells TikTok followers, comments, and saves, you can easily and quickly get the number of followers you desire. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

First, you need to determine the interests and preferences of your target followers. Then, you should frequently create attractive, fun, up-to-date content and share it with your followers. Also, you need to interact with your followers by commenting and live broadcasting.   

When you notice losing followers on TikTok, you should determine the reasons first. Then, you can find the related solutions as we described above. 

If the lost followers are bots or fake accounts, TikTok removes them. But if they are real accounts, it is possible to gain them again using the abovementioned methods. 

If you think they can help you to increase your visibility, you can follow them back. It depends on your choice to follow your followers.  

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    Losing followers on TikTok is really annoying!!! Thanks for clarfiying some reasons to this! I’m going to recover my account. Keep up the good work guys!

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