Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram?

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram?

Many users ask “why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?”, and it is a persistent error of the social network, almost as much as not being able to set music in stories that we have talked about before. So, pay attention because we will tell you the possible causes and solutions of the usual problem, as we explained to you when the platform did not let you upload stories.

First of all, we will explain to you what are the main reasons that make it difficult to use a tag someone on Instagram; These range from outdating the app to the elimination of an account, among others. Here we leave them.

Problems Encountered in Instagram Tagging

Problems Encountered in Instagram Tagging

Placing labels on Instagram is something that we have already seen since its inception, and since we have its version with “Stories,” we can now label the stories that we upload to the application.

Placing the labels is relatively easy; when you have your story ready, you can label the user in two ways. The first option is to mention it through a text starting with the unique character @, for example, “@instagram,” having the user in the story be placed in the size and the desired place and then proceed to its publication.

I Can’t Tag in Instagram Stories

The second option you have to tag a user is through a sticker, we touch the icon of a happy face, and we place ourselves in the second of the three menus presented to us. We choose the sticker that says “@ MENTION,” and we paste it in the story, we edit it with the name of the user we want to tag starting with the unique character @, and that’s it.

The advantage of tagging with the second option is that you can change its appearance by tapping on it. Also, many times, we do not know precisely the user of the person we want to label, or we write it wrong without realizing it, or we do not place the unique character @ and it may be for this reason that the label is not activated as we want. Another reason is that we do not know how to do it since the option to tag a user in Instagram stories is not yet very clear to all users. These options that we gave you are the easiest to do, however, there may be another reason why I cannot tag in Instagram stories, but until now, these are the existing ones.

Why Can't I Tag Someone I Follow On Instagram

Why Can’t I Tag Someone I Follow On Instagram?

Suppose you want to mention someone in a comment on a photo or video that you found interesting. In that case, the first task you should finish is to click the icon of a chat cloud to comment, and there you can mention a user by placing the character first unique @ followed by its user; when Instagram recognizes it, click on the name and send the comment.

If you want to mention a person in a photo or video that you are going to upload to your profile, the first thing you should do is touch the + icon at the bottom of the screen, and there you can choose your photo and place the filter that you want or select the video. Press the “Next” button, and an option called “tag people” will appear on the screen, press the option, and enter the person’s name or username.

When the user you are looking for appears, click on it to complete the label. Then you touch the “Done” button located at the top right of the screen; you can also place a phrase or name to the publication you are going to make. Once this is done, the “Share” button is touched, and in this way, your publication will be labeled.

But if what you want is to tag a person in a publication that you have already made, you have to go to the publication and touch the “Edit” button; you continue to the “Tag people” button, and it is done precisely as explained above.

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Tag?

Here are some of the possible reasons that deter you from tagging on Instagram.

Alternative 1: The App Is Out of Date

The main reason why users find it challenging to make labels on Instagram is when they use an outdated version of the application.

This is why updates are essential as they incorporate new features, designs, and even security enhancements that may conflict with previous versions.

Alternative 2: The Account No Longer Exists

Another reason for failure is when you want to tag an account, and it no longer exists on the platform.

An Instagram account can cease to exist for three main reasons: The user has temporarily disabled their account, the account was hacked, or Instagram has banned it for breach of its rules.

Alternative 3: The App Has Removed the Tag

One cause that can also cause the problem is that Instagram removes some tags. This can be for several reasons, including non-compliance with its rules. So, if any user tries to write the hashtag, it may be banned by the platform.

Solutions to Tag on Instagram

Solutions to Tag on Instagram

Tags are essential to give visibility to your content and attract new followers to the account. Therefore, it is critical to find appropriate solutions to avoid these troublesome failures.  

Update your application whenever you can. If, when writing a tag, the app does not let you publish it, look for similar hashtags so that the Instagram bots do not think you are abusing one in particular.

Evaluate your content’s nature, use the labels accordingly, do not write them spontaneously, avoid the use of offensive tags, do not use degrading phrases, or insult a specific idea.

FAQ on Not Being Able to Tag Someone on Instagram

How to Make an Instagram Tag?

To tag on Instagram, you need to press on the item Tag people, then tap in the point of the shot where you want to tag, type the name of the person or the one you want to tag in the Search for a person field, and then press on the suggestion that is shown to you.

Is it an Advantage to Use Instagram Tags?

Using tags in your Instagram posts and story shares can help you reach more audiences and gain followers.

Is There a Limit for Instagram People Tags?

There is no person or hashtag tagging limit for your Instagram post and story shares. You can tag as many as you want.

Why can’t I tag someone’s Instagram account?

One reason for failure is when you want to tag an account, and it no longer exists on the platform.

I cannot publish one of my chosen tags, is there a solution to this problem?

If, when writing a tag, the app does not let you publish it, look for similar hashtags so that the Instagram bots do not think you are abusing one in particular.

Conclusion on Not Being Able to Tag Someone on Instagram

Now you are ready to tag someone on Instagram! You can practice getting familiar with your profile dynamics and letting an experienced social media manager curate your business profile for you. Do you know which platform also allows you to tag people? LinkedIn! Learn how to tag someone on LinkedIn if you want to be more efficient in your business networking.

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    1. Did you manage to resolve this? I am having the same issue. When I tap the photo it doesn’t bring up anything to type the person I want to tag. Contacted Instagram numerous times with no reply or resolution!