Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram?

Why Can’t I Tag Products on Instagram?

You have opened a Professional Instagram Account and you have products to sell through Instagram. It is great to have the ability to tag your products on Instagram. This way your customers will not have to ask for the price of your products. However, some users are having a problem with tagging products and ask ‘why can’t I tag products on Instagram?

The ability to tag your products comes with a lot of advantages. It is very easy and informative. But users can have some problems with it. Let’s take a look at what is causing the trouble for not being able to tag products.

Requirements for Tagging Products on Instagram

Requirements for Tagging Products on Instagram

Instagram has some requirements for tagging your products. If your Instagram account does not meet the requirements, you will not be able to tag your products.

Instagram Supported Countries

To meet the requirements for being able to sell products via Instagram, you have to be in one of the Instagram Supported Countries.

These countries are; USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Sweeden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Chechia, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Letonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Malta, Ecuador, Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan.

If you are not located in one of these countries, your Instagram account will not be able to be shoppable. 

Having a Professional Account

You would not be able to tag your products if you are not using a Professional Account. The first thing to do is converting your account to a professional one.

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By having a Professional account, you can use Instagram Analytics as well. It can show Story Analytics to Competitor Tracking. So it is very useful. Here is how to convert your account to a Professional Account:

  1. Go to your Profile page.
  2. Tap on the three-lined button, then tap on ‘Settings.’
  3. Select ‘Account’ from the menu.
  4. At the bottom of the menu, there will be ‘Switch to Professional Account’ and select it.

Add Your Professional Account to Facebook Business Manager

Instagram is owned by Facebook and the commercial side of it is Facebook Business. From here you can track your analytics via Facebook Analytics. Here is how you can do it:

  1. In Facebook Business Manager, click on ‘Business Settings.’
  2. Go to ‘Accounts’ and select ‘Instagram Accounts.’
  3. Click on ‘Add’ and enter your Instagram username and password.
  4. Click on ‘Done’

Other Adjustments

Make sure that your account has been approved for Instagram Shopping. 

Make sure that you have set up the Tagging option in your Professional Account.

Lastly, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Instagram app.


How long does it take Instagram to approve tagging?

Instagram’s customer service is set to answer your requests in 48 hours. So it might take up to 48 hours for them to turn back to you.

Can Instagram sell your photos?

No, they can’t sell your photos, but they can take them and change them.

How do you attract buyers on Instagram?

Create an account that would stand out and be sure to post everyday. Write a good bio on your account. Use hashtags in your posts and follow other related accounts. You can try to use Instagram Ads as well.


Tagging ability is a great thing for selling products on Instagram. However, users are having problems with this option. There are many requirements of Instagram for tagging your products. If you meet these requirements, you shouldn’t have any problem and it is important to have the latest version of the app.

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We hope we answered the frequently asked question; why can’t I tag products on Instagram? If you have more questions about Instagram Business, check out our other articles about advertising and marketing on Instagram.

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