Why Can’t I See the Comments on Instagram?

Why Can’t I See the Comments on Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking platform where users can share photos and short videos. Users can also like, comment, and interact with each other’s posts. If you are a passionate social media user, getting likes and comments on your posts and having interaction with your friends can be important for you. In this article, we will focus on the comments on Instagram.

Usually, you won’t have any problems seeing and receiving comments. Yet, it can be frustrating when sometimes you cannot see the comment you posted or are unable to see the comments on someone else’s post. If you are experiencing this problem, here are some reasons and solutions for why you can’t see comments on Instagram.

No comments under the Instagram Post

No Comments Under Someone’s Posts on Instagram

If you don’t see any comments under a friend’s pic, there are several reasons. The account owner may have blocked the comments on that particular post. Instagram users can disable the option to receive comments on their pictures. It is by going to the post options and turning the comments off. You will be able to post a comment if they open their comment section again.

If you are on the explore page and can’t see the comments on a post, you have to click on the comment box to view them. Comments on the explore page won’t be visible unless you open the comment box.

Cannot See Comments on Instagram Post

Can’t See the Comment You Left on Someone’s Post

The most common reason you can’t see the comment you posted on Instagram is that you have a poor internet connection. If your internet connection is weak or your it breaks a lot, the likes and comments you post on Instagram don’t get through instantly. Switching to better wifi or using mobile data can be the solution.

Another reason for not seeing your comments may be that the account owner has hidden offensive comments or filtered out some words that if they are used in the comments section, the comment will be filtered out. 

Instagram enables users to monitor their comment section by giving the option to “hide offensive comments.” If someone leaves a comment deemed offensive by Instagram, the system will hide the comment. The same goes for the “manual filter,” which allows you to choose specific words that Instagram recognizes in order to hide the comment. 

If you are sure none of the above are the problem, there may be a glitch on the app that causes the comments not to appear. You can try to restart the app to check if the problem is fixed. 

FAQs About Not Seeing Comments on Instagram

Why can’t I see comments on the posts on the explore page?

You can see the posts’ comments on the explore page by clicking on the “comment box.”

Why can’t I see the comment I left on a post?

If it was an offensive comment, it could have been filtered out. Other reasons for not seeing your comment can be a poor internet connection or a glitch of the app.

Why are there no comments on a post?

If you don’t see any comments on a particular post, the post owner may have disabled the comment section.

Why are comments important on Instagram?

Comments are a part of the engagement on the app. When a post has more comments, it is easier for it to appear on the explore page.

Can you realize if someone deleted your comment?

There is no notification for it. So, if someone deletes your comments, you wouldn’t know.

In Conclusion: Why You Can’t See Comments on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where you can give or receive comments and likes to your pictures and videos. We have gone through various technical reasons that can cause you not to see a comment you left on a post. Also, Instagram comment filtering tools can cause your comment to be filtered out so that the comment gets hidden.

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    1. This problem just started today. I tried these and still can’t see more than a couple Comments on posts even though there are many comments. None are hidden for offensive content. My wifi is fine. I restarted phone. I reported it to IG bit no answer. Any help is appreciated!

      1. I have the same problem u have. I’ve done everything they told me too do. I may get only 2 likes a day. No comments on post at all. been trying to find a solution for 2mo.

  1. This persons Instagram is public. On one picture it says they have 2 comments but when I go to click in the comments I can’t see them why? I also do not follow this person

  2. I made a selfie post and some of the comments made by my new SO was deleted. He was just publicly flirting. Nothing Inappropriate Why are his comments gone? Neither of us deleted it. Can my ex have reported it?

  3. Helpful… If you’re 70. Very obvious and unhelpful explanations, most of which don’t even actually apply to the question they’re apparently asking.

  4. Hi I blocked my friend by mistake from my instagram account, then I unblocked her…now I can’t see any of her comments on my previous posts..she can still see them…I cannot..is there anyway to fix that? Thank u

    1. When you blocked your friend maybe you have muted her also. Check the mute setting. If it looks like you’ve muted your friend, unmute her. It’s possible to mute and unmute users without blocking them.

  5. What can’t I view comments on Instagram? For example, when I click “view 51 comments”, instead of showing the list of comments as it always has, it pulls up a pop-up(?) type window where the photo that appeared with the post now appears on the left and a place to post comments is on the right. This has been going on for a month or so.