Why Can’t I Create an Instagram Account?

Why Can’t I Create an Instagram Account?

There might be several reasons if you can’t create an Instagram account. While this can be quite frustrating, its solutions are also simple. First, let us look into the possible reasons why you can’t create a new Instagram account.

  • Invalid or blocked username.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Blocked device and mobile number.
  • Blocked email address.
  • Instagram-related issues.
  • Using an unreliable VPN.

Besides these issues, you can’t also create an Instagram account if you try to open multiple Instagram accounts from the same device. To fix these problems, you can try the solutions we listed below.

Reset Your Internet Connection

Reset Your Internet Connection

Resetting your router or mobile connection might solve the problem. This is simply because you can get another IP address (on desktops) to create an Instagram account. 

Get a New Email Address or Phone Number

If you’ve created several accounts with the same phone number and email, Instagram may not allow you to create more. So you can make an Instagram account with a new email address and a phone number.

Change Your Device

While it is a somewhat rare occasion, Instagram may block the IMEI number of a device along with its IP address. So you can try to create an Instagram account using a different device to check if it is working. 

Add an Account to an Existing Instagram Account

You can add up to five Instagram accounts to an existing one. You can do this from the settings section, then tapping the “Add Account” button.

Change the Web Browser

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Your web browser might be bugged or corrupted if you can’t create an Instagram account. So you can switch your web browser and try creating one from that.

on Being Unable to Create an Instagram Account

Being Unable to Create an Instagram Account in Short   

It is possible to encounter problems while creating an Instagram account. This article provided several fixes that can help you open an Instagram account without any problem. But once you get in, you might face different problems such as Instagram crashing or stopping on you. So here’s how to fix “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Instagram can ban an IP address as well as a particular device. 

While it is possible to use up to five Instagram account on the same device, you can’t merge those accounts into one.

Instagram is an all-inclusive and free to use photo and video sharing service. 

Instagram lets its users have up to five accounts. It is possible to switch between them without logging out and logging in.

No, it is not possible to transfer followers on Instagram by default. However, you can always ask your followers to follow your newly created account.


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