Why Are Images Important for SEO?

Why Are Images Important for SEO?

Images are one of the most efficient ways for your site to get more visitors through visual searching. If you want your page to interact more with users, one of the best ways is to use images in your content. It is possible to increase the SEO performance of our site by helping search engines. Using visuals for SEO is very important, and you can achieve better success in attracting traffic to your website by using appropriate visuals. Now we will explain to you why images are important for SEO.

The Importance of Images for Websites

The Importance of Images for Websites

You need to use images to get more visitors to your site. However, you can not only attract more visitors to your site by using images because it is also imperative that the images you use should be original and in high quality. The high level of reading and understanding increases the number of visitors to the site, and image use makes them more comfortable while reading the articles on your website. The high quality of the selected images is an important criterion, but choosing original images is also valuable to increase the visibility level of the site. Besides, adjusting SEO settings for the site is among the factors that increase the visibility of the site. Now let’s talk about them.

SEO and Images Relation

Relationship Between Images and SEO

Images are very important for SEO because when you use images, you can attract more traffic to your site. You need to use images to be visible in Google image search traffic. When you appear in the image search graph, the attention of your site increases, and you get more visitors. Also, the first thing that most people pay attention to when entering a site is visuals, so if you have images with visuals, your legibility increases because your content will be more understandable for users with images. 

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Images on the subject allow readers to better understand and remember the content. Therefore, you should be careful to keep your articles visual. Articles with images are better content for SEO than articles without images. If you want to have a successful site, you should use SEO compatible images.

How to Make SEO Friendly Images

How to Make Images SEO Friendly 

As we have stated before, not only using images is crucial, using SEO friendly images is pretty important as well. Here are the requirements to make tour images SEO friendly:

Find the Right Images

The images you use with your content must be compatible. If you put an image unrelated to your content, this may create confusion. Because if you use it together with your article, it will affect your ranking in the visual search engine with your subject. Remember, if the images you use are compatible with your content, they will contribute positively to your SEO value.

Use Keywords In Your Images

Images need descriptive text because search engines cannot see images. Visual sources have filenames, and therefore you need to name the image you want to add to your content. For search engines to understand the content of your image, you must set a file name for your image. The filename tells you what’s in that image in search engines and allows you to use keywords related to the content. Especially if the content of your image is a keyword, it will be much more useful to you. But avoid using too many keywords for your image. If you have selected images suitable for your content, it is very useful to place keywords in the filenames of these images.

Write Alt-Texts for Your Images

Writing alt-text provides a description of the content of the image and its link to the page. Alt-text is used to decide which images are most suitable in response to an existing search in search engines. The alt-text is also used where the image is not visible. Your alternative text should be grammatically correct, expressed properly, and without compulsion. Still, using too many keywords is also a dangerous thing, and the same rule applies to alternative alt-text writing.

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Use the Right Type of Visual File

These are JPEG and PNG formats. One of the main differences between these formats is the size and quality. File size and quality are essential for SEO because the time it takes for the image to load on the page varies with the file size and quality. 

JPEG files are files that can be compressed without loss of quality. For this reason, it is often used by users to store complex images and photos in small files. The difference is that JPEG files lose their quality after a few save and edit, while PNG files do not lose their quality after a few savings. Also, PNG files are often used for logos.

Create a Sitemap for Your Images

With the sitemaps you prepare for images, you show Google which images you want to index. Sitemaps are also very useful for SEO, as they also help search engines find images they will not normally find. Since sitemaps offer search engines more information about the structure of your website, you provide more information about your page.


Is it good or bad for SEO to make my image sizes smaller?

Reducing the file sizes of images is important for your site’s SEO and loading speed. Keeping your visual file sizes around 150-200 kb or less will allow your pages to load faster, so users will experience a more comfortable experience on your page. This plays an important role in increasing your page value.

Is using a GIF on my site is a good option for my site and SEO?

If you keep the visual rate of your GIF low, there will be no problem in using GIFs on your site. GIF files are created by combining multiple photo frames because they contain animation and motion, and the file size naturally increases as the proportion of the image increases. However, if the file size is kept low, you may experience pixelations and color losses.

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Should I use keywords in the alt texts?

If you have a chance to use it, you can use it. But typing too many keywords may not be good for you, and it is useful to pay attention to this.


We have covered why images are important for SEO. Images always attract the attention of the user more than the written text. Attracting users means getting more traffic to your site. 

The benefits of adding visual content to your site are all about SEO. The relationship between SEO and visual content is very important because if you use the right visual tools, you can benefit a lot from your SEO work. In this article, besides the importance of using images for SEO, we also explained how to use images properly for your site. We hope it helps, and you can attract more traffic to your site by using the right images.

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