Who Viewed Videos on Instagram

Who Viewed Videos on Instagram

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Can you know who viewed your videos on Instagram? Do you wish to know who has seen your videos? This is also called Video View Count. Instagram is a social media platform that is focused on photo and video sharing. In the photo and video submissions, we can easily see who liked them. But what about who has seen them? Can you know who viewed your videos? Let’s find out.

Who Viewed Videos on Instagram

What is Instagram Video Views

As you know if you use Instagram, the social media platform has video views, since late 2016. But sadly, you can only see the Video View Count on these. Your followers also can see the view count. But it won’t be specified. You will not be able to see who in particular watched the video. Only the count of how many users.

Can we know who viewed our videos?

Short answer, no. But there are ways. No, we cannot know who viewed in particular. Regarding videos, of course. (foreshadow to the end) The reason why we can’t know this data is; that they’re not absolutely sure if the data is real. As in yes, your video got viewed. But Instagram still does not know who’s seen it for sure. It could be a, or b, or z.  This right now is on testing mode, Instagram said if they see these methods to work 100%, then they will let everyone see who views videos.

Instagram is an app that focuses on honesty and user satisfaction. To give the users high-level satisfaction, they have to be fully sincere. That can only happen if they have definitive proof. This is why we don’t have the feature of knowing who viewed videos on Instagram. Check what Instagram themselves say on this.

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Who Viewed Videos on Instagram


Can I use apps to find out?

There are some programs, applications or websites online, who make you good promises. But remember, even Instagram itself isn’t sure of this data. It’s not that clear. Then how can another app or a program that’s not even from Instagram know it even better than Instagram? It’s simply impossible. Be conscious of this and don’t get scammed.

These kinds of apps usually have fraud intentions, or they make you watch ads so that they’ll gain from it.

Is there any way to know?

There is only one way to know who viewed videos on Instagram. And that way is to post stories. When you publish a video as a story, you can know who’s seen it one on one. This way, you’ll be able to satisfy your curiosity.

A reminder; your Instagram account may be open for a specific cause (business) or popularity. The view count on your videos shapes how people perceive you. If someone has a lot of view counts, it means that person/business is popular and people want to see more of this account. This creates a very positive perception and creates a good image for you. If you think your views are low, you can check our offerings to get a quick bump. We’re the best in the game, for real.


In this article, we talked about if you can know who viewed videos on Instagram. You’ve learned that this kind of feature isn’t on Instagram, at least not yet.

If we could find answers to your questions, we feel honored. Share the love, like comment and such.

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Who Viewed Videos on Instagram
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