Who unfollowed me on Twitter?

Who unfollowed me on Twitter?

Don’t you sometimes wonder who unfollowed you on Twitter? Twitter is one of the most interesting and the most interactive site among social media sites. You can have thousands of followers at a time and you can lose thousands of followers in minutes by a tweet you post. Most of us want to know who unfollowed me on Twitter. But unfortunately you cannot learn it in Twitter. You can actually learn but you should try some long and different methods.

3th party apps and web services

To be able to learn it in a practical, fast and automatic way, you need to use 3th party apps. You can find hundreds of free services that offer this service (both in the form of web site and application). Most of these applications require access to your Twitter account. If you can afford this risk, you can use it. We do not want to make a positive or negative comment about this issue. Because sometimes malicious apps can do some operations on your Twitter account. Even if most of them are free, some apps are paid. It is your choice and is your responsibility.

who unfollowed you on Twitter

Ways to See Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

We will give you a few tips about who unfollowed you on Twitter. These tips include both Twitter and external applications:

  • In fact, you can learn about it on Twitter app, but it’s a bit long and boring.
  • Click on the followers list and check the profiles one by one, find out if they follow you or not
  • This can be difficult if you have thousands of followers, but can be applied to accounts with few followers.
  • Another method is definitely to use external application or service. The style of use of each application is almost the same.


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who unfollowed you on Twitter

Catch who unfollow you

It may upset you that the people you are in contact with and the people you are following who unfollowed you. Don’t pay too much attention to what happens in social media. Because anything can happen here. If someone unfollowed you, you unfollow him too. You do not need to do anything else. If you are very curious and want to know about it, you can use the methods that we described above. Some applications can even unfollow automatically. So if someone unfollow you, it unfollow him immediately. The use options of the applications are quite wide.

How can I unfollow someone on Twitter?

To do this, first you need to learn who unfollowed me on Twitter. Then you can also unfollow him/her. It is very easy. Just click on the profile and unfollow. That is all. Or if you don’t want him to send you any message, you can even block him. Twitter offers users a lot of options. If you have someone you don’t want to communicate with, you can block it. You can even complain to the user about Twitter customer service. You can follow any use again that you unfollowed. But if he doesn’t want you to follow him, he can block you.

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