Who Owns Twitter?

Who Owns Twitter?

Whenever we check a social media platform or a website, there are always some questions on the rise. One of those is the question of ownership and the actual goal of the platform. There are different types of goals for different platforms. Some platforms focused on profit others may focus on user-generated content sharing or spreading ideas. From this perspective, it would be safe to say that the platforms gain their personalities from their creators. That’s why it is important to know who owns the platform that we are using. In this article, we will discuss one of those platforms in general and from an ownership perspective. Let’s go ahead and discuss who owns Twitter?

What Is Twitter and Who Owns It?

Twitter is a trending social media platform that lets people share ideas, upload images, and videos in a timeline. What makes Twitter different from the other platforms is the timeline. Twitter is fast and from the common voice perspective, it is more democratic and free. People can share different ideas and tell different stories on the platform. Companies can use different advertising options to meet their audience. 

The platform itself is a “microblog” which people can publish different contents in 280 characters. The platform also supports different content types such as audio and video files. With its timeline, Twitter can keep itself always up-to-date which makes it a good platform for keeping news, learning different ideas from different people (such as leaders or political party members), following the celebrities and artists or being updated for recent events such as disasters. 

who owns twitter

Who Owns Twitter? 

Twitter has three main shareholders;

  • Evan Clark Williams

Evan Clark Williams is one of the board members of the company. He is also the CEO of Medium Inc. and Obvious Corp. 

  • Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is the CEO and co-founder of both Twitter Inc. and Square Inc. He is the second-biggest shareholder of the company. 

  • Peter H. Fenton

Peter H. Fenton is the third biggest shareholder of the company. He served at the board of members between 2009 and 2016.

How Old Is Twitter? 

Twitter was released in 2005 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. The first tweet on the platform was pretty modest. Dorsey tweeted as “just setting up my twttr” in 2009. After that, the US astronauts Nicola Stott and Jeff Williams twitted the first tweets from space. 

Conclusion About Twitter’s Owners

Twitter is a vast universe where people can share their ideas. It is important to know who owns the platform and its history. Currently, there are three shareholders but in 2013 the company became a public company so everyone can hold a share on Twitter and become one of the owners of the platform. If you enjoyed reading this article, we are sure that you will also enjoy reading our article entitled Who Owns Google?

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter has a verified account system. The algorithm determines which accounts should be verified by public interest. You can find more information on the help page.

It is easy to sign up for twitter. Use the “register” option on the landing page. Then you can start to set up your profile.

Your account can be suspended for various reasons. You can either read our article to learn how to unsuspend your account or visit the official help page.

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  1. Elliot Howard
    Elliot Howard

    I had a vague impression on who owns Twitter. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

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    Joseph Tellep

    twitter and free speech is an oxymoron. Exchange of ideas? Yeah, riiight!

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    I was hoping that when I inquired, that a portion would be shown. That’s what happens when you think outside the box.

  4. bruce wachal
    bruce wachal

    It is quite obvious, if it can be censored Twitter is only a propaganda machine used to convey the ideas and opinions of the owners and whatever governments they support.