Who Owns Instagram?

Who Owns Instagram?

There are many questions that are so curious about a successful social media site. The first of these questions is the question “Who owns Instagram“. Two young Stanford University graduates (Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger) are the founders of Instagram. Before Instagram, Systrom and Krieger worked in Silicon Valley’s major companies. Systrom worked for two years on Google before Instagram was founded. When he was interning at Odeo, he met Twitter founders. Mike Krieger also interned at Microsoft prior to Instagram Foundation.

When Did Instagram Start?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched under the name “BURBN” on the App store in November 2010. The application, which reached 1 million users in December, was reborn in January 2011 with great innovations. And in March 2011, it reached 5 million users. In April 2012, Facebook purchased the android app for a billion dollars after its release. It has already started and has become the world’s most popular social media site after Facebook’s purchase. Instagram is currently owned and operated by Facebook now. The number of users exceeds 2 billion.

who owns instagram

When Did Instagram Come Out?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created Instagram as a free application for iOS on 01.05 2010. Instagram continued its growth in January 2012. The Instagram account of many famous people and politicians has made the application even more popular. In 2013, Instagram continued to grow commercially and became the preferred social media site for corporate companies.

Who Invented Instagram?

Do you know who invented Instagram? 2 young people: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger! They said they were very sorry for selling Instagram. In fact, a company like Facebook was very good at managing Instagram.  Facebook did all of this. Instagram was so popular thanks to Facebook. Nobody can deny it. So much demand wouldn’t have been seen if perhaps the first owners ran it. We think that there will be a lot of different innovations in 2019 and with these innovations, the popularity of Instagram will increase even more.

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who owns instagram

Instagram History

Are you curious about the Instagram history? Although we have explained everything in this article, but we still want to talk a little bit about the history of Instagram in short titles. We’ve compiled a list of some sort of Instagram chronology. Let’s start:

  • October 2010: iOS published
  • April 2012: Android app released
  • August 2012: photo map feature was activated
  • November 2012: published web edition
  • February 2013: Instagram Timeline
  • May 2013: tags
  • June 2013: share video
  • July 2013: embed codes
  • October 2013: Instagram ads
  • November 2013: Messaging (DM)
  • June 2015: Search feature
  • May 2016: logo changed

However, two masterminds behind the social media behemoth have resigned from their office recently. After its purchase in 2012 for 1 billion dollars by Facebook, Instagram is now officially owned by today’s world’s highly controversial genius figure, Mark Zuckerberg himself. Therefore, company is officially under a branch of Facebook nowadays.

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