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Who Has the Most Subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube is such a great platform, and billions of people spend their time on YouTube channels every day. That’s why being popular on YouTube and viewed by millions of people is prestigious. So, who has the most subscribers on YouTube, and who are some of the most subscribed YouTubers? Here is a list to look up of the most subscribed YouTube channels.  

T – Series (240 million subscribers) 

It is obvious that nobody expects this channel to be number one on the list. Although PewDiePie kept his leadership for a long time on YouTube, statistics show that the T-series is the biggest channel on YouTube at the moment with the most subscriptions. T-series is a channel for a record label and film production company in India. On the channel, you can find a variety of content that includes music videos and movies. 

240 million subscribers can make you curious about how much does YouTube pay per view. According to YouTube Support, there is no certain number because also advertisement is an important criterion. The average payment is $0.18 per view.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (157 million subscribers) 

Children like YouTube, and it is just a representation of it. The channel produces content for the early childhood group, and they are successful. You can find different kinds of nursery rhymes on that channel.  

SET India (154 million subscribers) 

Again, an Indian channel on our list with a high number of YouTube subscribers. SET India is a television channel that is a part of Sony Entertainment Television. All videos are in the Hindi language, and you can find many videos on that YouTube channel that you can see on television, like series and movies. 

Mr. Beast (145 million subscribers)

Mr. Beast is a channel with videos that mainly focus on donating large sums of money and luxury goods to the homeless. Besides this channel, he also has 4 more channels, and they also have a high number of followers. He creates videos in which he evaluates the cheapest and most expensive versions of a service or product and experiences, such as being buried alive for 50 hours.

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channels with the most subscribers

PewDiePie (111 million subscribers) 

PewDiePie is also a really famous channel on YouTube. He usually makes on-stream broadcasts while playing computer games. But his channel also includes vlogging and collaboration with other YouTube channels. 

Bonus: 5-Minute Crafts (80 million subscribers) 

It is a channel that started in 2016 to produce content in the DIY movement. You can find different kinds of interesting and easy-to-make DIY videos on this channel. There are many different types of DIY with many kinds of stuff.

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T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel. The other YouTube channels that are subscribed to most are MrBeast, PewDiePie, Coco Melon, SET India, and 5-minute Crafts. If you want to get subscribers like them, first, you need to be careful about YouTube regulations and work hard.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

T-series is the most subscribed YouTube channel.

T-Series is the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and it currently has 129 million subscribers.

No, even though he kept his leadership on YouTube world for such a long time, now the most subscribed channel is T-series.

T-Series, Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes, SET India, MrBeast, and PewDiePie are the top 5 on YouTube.

YouTube pays $0.18 per view. It means that YouTubers makes $18 per 1000 views.

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    Billy Jonathan

    Having the most subscribers on YouTube is something I hope to achieve before retire. Having been a YouTuber for over ten years I have been witnessing an uptrend in my subscriber base lately.