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When Was YouTube Created?

YouTube is a website focused on video hosting. It was founded in California, San Bruno, United States. Well, the first question must be here when YouTube was created? Its establishment date is February 15, 2005. For some people, it is pretty much essential to know when YouTube started. Especially those who wish to create platforms related to music. The establishment of the website belongs to a former PayPal employee. In November 2006, the site operated as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Any YouTube member has the opportunity to upload, watch and share videos through their channel. Also, it is unnecessary to have a channel on YouTube to watch videos and share the link to the video using any social media tool. It offers many video clips, television clips, music videos, video blogs (vlogs), short original videos, educational videos, and live broadcasting opportunities.

You can also get the right to listen to music with keeping your internet by creating a music list with premium membership on YouTube. With the YouTube TV feature, you can watch the TV shows and movies you do not want to miss at any time by recording.

YouTube’s establishment is very crucial. It is a social media tool that has developed until today and is also one of the largest and first established social media tools. Plus, YouTube is not just for adults. Since it has an age filter, you can let your children use it, too.

YouTube history

YouTube History

Let’s check the brief history of YouTube.

  • 2004: The idea for YouTube first appeared.
  • 2005: YouTube was launched for the first time with a small user base.
  • 2006: Google bought YouTube.
  • 2007: YouTube allowed video creators to start monetizing their content.
  • 2009: Vevo launched for music videos.
  • 2013: YouTube gained over 1 billion monthly users.
  • 2014: YouTube Premium service launched.
  • 2017: YouTube made two major algorithm changes.
  • 2021: YouTube Shorts becomes available.

If you are curious about any other thing related to YouTube, check the YouTube Help page.

Who Was the First YouTuber?

Apart from wondering when was YouTube created, people who are huge fans of YouTube may also like to know who was the first YouTuber. Who would know that people would actually see it as an occupation? The first YouTuber is Jawed Karim. Jawed created and posted his video on YouTube 10 years ago. The title that he used was ”Me at the Zoo”. In the video, he was in the San Diego Zoo and sitting in front of the elephants over there.

How Much Is YouTube Worth Today?

The estimation of how much is YouTube worth today is up to 160 billion dollars. This enormous amount of money is dozens of times more than what it was worth in 2006 when Google bought YouTube.

This means the website has covered a distance, so to speak. Today, it makes a lot of money per second, not only for itself but also for YouTubers. Therefore, no one can calculate how much is YouTube worth today because it’s so flexible, even for seconds.

What Was YouTube Originally Made For?

YouTube is not like a potato chip story or not something found by chance. Potato chips were created in a small restaurant by an angry cook. One day, a client ordered his meal of really thin potato fries, but he always said that his fries were very thick to him. So, the cook created the chips, and today everyone in the world eats that every day. So, what was YouTube originally made for? However, YouTube was created for people who like to post videos with desired content. It was hoped that YouTube users could use the website to upload, share or keep without any restriction. Today it is one of the leading video distribution websites in the world. Also, if you are interested in a career on YouTube, buy YouTube subscribers to help you with that.

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If you have more questions about YouTube, check out our articles about it. You may be interested in how much does YouTube pay per view.

YouTube’s Creation in Short

YouTube is indeed a leading video-sharing platform. That is why we covered ‘When was YouTube created’ along with some additional information, such as who was the first YouTuber and what YouTube was originally made for. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in understanding the history of YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions About

YouTube was funded by investors when it was first introduced. It was run in an office created in a garage.

YouTube’s first advertising concepts began in August 2006 with Participatory Video Ads and Brand Channels.

Yes, but it is not the only requirement. You can learn how to get paid on YouTube from our article about it.

The first video on YouTube was Jawed Karim’s ‘Me at the Zoo’ video.

YouTube founders are Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley, and Steve Chen.

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  1. Blair

    As farr back as I can remember, YouTube was created back when I was a kid at the turn of the millenium. Such great times!