When Did Instagram Change Its Logo?

When Did Instagram Change Its Logo?

As we all know, Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms of all time. It has more than 1 billion users, and all of us use it daily. Almost being a part of our lives, this app allows its users to reach all kinds of images and videos and consumes at least a couple of hours from our time each day. Besides being able to see what’s happening around the world all the time, it is also a way to keep in touch with people we follow and their lives. As an app we use so much, our eyes are familiar with its logo and design. So, when did Instagram change its logo, and what did the old Instagram symbol look like? 

The Instagram logo changed on May 11th in 2016, on both IOS and Android apps. It is now very familiar to look at, but it didn’t seem like it when it first changed. Although people didn’t welcome it at first, the design changed for the better. There have been huge differences in design and the general color scheme, but Instagram kept the friendly-looking camera which has been associated with the brand, as its icon.

Why Did the Instagram Logo Change?

When it first came out, Instagram was mainly used for its original filters and effects. But through the years, people changed the way they use it, and the logo started not to represent the huge social media platform it transformed into. After the new logo launched, the head of the design of Instagram Ian Spalter stated that the old logo wasn’t reflecting the community, and they realized they could do better. 

How Was the Instagram Logo Before This

How Was the Instagram Logo Before This?

Some of you may remember, and some of you may be newer to the app, but until May 11th, 2016, the Instagram logo had a brown-beige retro polaroid camera with a rainbow stripe on the top. The Instagram icon changed, but the colorful idea and the polaroid camera stayed when we compare the two logos, but the “rainbow” itself was removed. 

What Else Changed With the Instagram Logo

What Else Changed With the Redesign?

The logo wasn’t the only thing that has been upgraded. The design also became a lot brighter, giving the app a fresher look. The notification icon’s color changed from orange to red. Instagram had a cleaner in-app experience with also the texts having a black-and-white contrast. These changes also put the attention more to the posted videos and images rather than the application’s theme. As another improvement, Instagram changed the buttons of the search, camera activity, home, and profile buttons in the app, matching the new logo. 


Can I use Instagram with its old logo?

No, Instagram is only available with its current logo and design.

Who designed the original logo?

The original Polaroid camera logo was designed by CEO, co-founder, and designer Kevin Systrom.

Will the logo change again?

For the time being, Instagram looks like it’s going to keep the current logo since there haven’t been any updates over the design.

Why Did the Instagram Logo Change

Concluding Instagram’s Logo Change

In this article, we examined the old and new logos of the popular social media app, alongside the information on when did Instagram change its logo. We looked over the app’s transformation and evolution through the years while reminiscing a little. Hopefully, you have found the answers to your questions about Instagram’s logo and design changes.

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