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What to Watch on YouTube? (2024)

YouTube is known to be the largest video sharing site in the internet world, where most internet users spend most of their time. One of the biggest reasons why it is such a large platform is that the number of content producers is growing rapidly today. Therefore, YouTube is now an endless platform full of interesting stuff. If you are bored and think about what to watch on YouTube, we think it will be quite reasonable for you to be indecisive about this. Because the content on YouTube has no limit, it allows you to find all kinds of videos about almost anything. So let’s see what to watch on YouTube.

What to Watch on YouTube When You Are Bored?

As we said above, there is now so much content and so many videos on YouTube that once you find a topic you want to watch, you can find thousands of content about it. So it is useful to decide what you want to watch first. In this article, we have collected the video titles that are most preferred for you and the videos people watch when they are bored. You can choose one of these titles and watch the video you want.

Training Videos

If you are a student, you have probably watched studying videos from YouTube before. There are quite a lot of working videos on YouTube. These are not just for students; also, people of all ages can watch educational videos of all kinds. You can watch the training video and improve yourself on every subject such as Chemistry, Photoshop, Phonetics, or even unknown things about the world or space. Developing yourself is the best investment you can make for yourself. Also, the people who make these kinds of lesson videos are usually those who are already teachers, so that it will be beneficial for you.

What to Watch on YouTube When You Are Bored

Game Videos

Game videos are one of the most-watched videos on YouTube. There are many famous people in this regard and believe that they play all kinds of games. Besides, if you want to watch a specific game, you can also find and watch this game on YouTube. So that you can learn the details and tips of the game from the person who is playing the game. For example, if you love playing Sims, thousands of, perhaps, millions of videos about Sims are available on YouTube. If you like watching people playing games, we are sure that these videos will be a lot of fun for you. In this way, you can also learn and play new games. 

Product Review Videos

If there is a product you are thinking of buying or just wondering about and want to know about, you can have an idea about this product by watching the video review of this product on YouTube. It is worth noting that product review videos are among the most-watched videos on YouTube. In particular, the videos that contain technological products attract a lot of attention. Because before people give money to these technological products, they want to know about them so that they will not waste their money and regret it later. If there is a product you want to learn about, you can go and search for a video about it on YouTube right now.

Makeup Videos

There are quite a lot of makeup vloggers on YouTube, and you can find makeup videos of any style. Makeup videos are one of the most-watched videos, and thousands of new makeup videos are added to YouTube every day. It is almost impossible not to find a makeup video that suits your style because the makeup category is very wide. On YouTube, you can find a daily makeup video, a video of a celebrity’s makeup on a specific night, or even a makeup video for Halloween.

How-To Videos

The most-watched videos on YouTube include how-to videos at the top. Videos with answers to how-to questions are very useful and practical. You can find a how-to video about everything on YouTube. For example, you can find videos such as how to take a good selfie, how to make a puffy cake, how to paint a wall at home, or how to cut or dye hair at home. Since these contents are very handy, they are the most-watched content on the internet. Usually, these videos are very simple and briefly explaining how to do something. If there is anything you are wondering about how to do it, you should definitely look at these videos.

Funny Videos

Funny videos are the best option to entertain ourselves when we are bored. Thanks to YouTube, we have access to a lot of funny videos, and we do not even understand how time passes while watching them. Funny videos are one of the things people watch the most on any platform. You can find funny videos for each category on YouTube. If you want, you can watch prank videos, videos of falling people, funny animal videos, or funny children’s videos. People often turn to cat videos when they want to watch funny videos, and if you are someone who likes funny cat videos, you can find millions of cat videos on YouTube.

A Great Place to Get Lost

In this article, we’ve covered what to watch on YouTube. YouTube is an endless platform, and you can get lost on this platform as you wish. Since there are millions of content producers on YouTube, it is very difficult to understand how time passes when you are watching these videos. Also, watching videos on YouTube will be a very useful time for you. When you get bored, if you choose a category that suits you from the categories we mentioned above and watch a video on that subject, we are sure that you will have a fun time. Remember, it is very easy to find the video you want on YouTube, and you can improve yourself with these videos on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

YouTube is a platform that offers subscriptions in itself, but watching videos on YouTube is totally free.

You can watch as many videos as you want on YouTube. YouTube does not limit it.

Of course. But for this, you first need to have a YouTube account. After opening a YouTube account, you can like the video you want or even subscribe to the channel that shares this video.

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  1. Terry Dunn
    Terry Dunn

    There are so many vids I’d like to watch on YouTube. There just isn’t enough time! Great article.