What Is Zoom?

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is a visual conference tool for teams. Its popularity is too big now because of the pandemic that affects the whole world. People cannot meet in person nowadays; therefore, they can meet via the app. Besides, meetings can be participated in by 1000 people.

You can meet your employees, friends, family, or co-workers. Let’s examine how Zoom works and what is its features!

What Are Zoom’s Features

What Are Zoom’s Features?

One-on-one or group meetings

With Zoom, you can do both one-on-one and group meetings. Only people who are allowed by the host can participate in the meeting.

Screen Sharing

If you do a presentation and/or if you want to share your device’s screen, Zoom allows you to share your screen with participants. 


Sometimes, meetings should be recorded. It can be your company’s policy or that teachers need it to upload lecture videos for students. When someone starts to record the meeting, other participants will be reported. 


In the meetings, you can use a chat box in order not to interrupt the speaker. Especially in large groups, it is a need. When the speaker asks questions to the whole group, it will be very confusing if everyone starts to speak at the same time. 

Group Size

Zoom allows you to create meetings with a maximum of 100 people. However, if the host purchases the “large meeting”, the participant limit increases up to 1000.

Meeting Duration

The app’s free version allows you to create 40-minute meetings. If the host purchases one of the other subscriptions, the limit raises. 

Breakout Sessions

With this feature, the host can divide participants and add them to different breakout rooms as a group or individual. When the host closes the breakout rooms, every participant will be back to the meeting. 

How Does Zoom Work

How Does Zoom Work?

Zoom has four different subscription types. According to the one you are using, features and ways of working can differ too. Let’s examine them first.

Free Subscription

In this tier, the application allows you to create limitless meetings. However, the duration is limited to 40-minutes, and the participant limit is 100. Besides, in this tier, meetings cannot be recorded.

Zoom Pro

To subscribe to the Pro tier, you should pay $14,99 every month. It increases the duration limit up to 24 hours, and you can save the recordings of your meetings on your devices.

Zoom Business

 This tier’s monthly subscription price is $19,99. You can record your meetings and save both records and transcription of these records in your devices.

Zoom Enterprise

 This subscription type is created for businesses with +1000 employees. The app gives you limitless cloud storage and a customer success manager. Besides, it offers you discounts on webinars.

How to Start Meetings

 Either on mobile devices or computers, the way of starting a meeting is the same. When you enter the app and log into your account, the icon in the orange framework is for starting a meeting. When you tap it, the meeting starts.

How to Invite Participants

 You can share the link for people whom you want to be participants. Besides, you can share the meeting ID and password. After they clicked the link, you should accept their requests.

How to Record Meetings

 Once you have started the meeting, there are different buttons on the bottom of the page. To record the meeting, click the “Record” button. When the recording starts, participants will be reported.

How to Share Screen

 Once you have started the meeting, you should click the button named “Share Screen” in green. Then, select the tab you would like to share with participants. Once you share your screen, you can draw and make highlights on the screen.

How to Schedule Meetings

 When you log into your Zoom account, there is a scheduling option on the homepage. After you click, you should enter the information needed. Then, your scheduled meeting will appear on the calendar.

How to Use Chat

When the meeting has started, there is a “Chat” icon on the bottom of the page. Once you clicked that, the chatbox will open. You can choose the receiver. It means that you can determine the receiver to one certain person or the whole participants.

How to Use Zoom on a Computer

How to Use Zoom on a Computer

Zoom can be used on both mobile devices and computers. Mobile devices are generally easier and more efficient to use. It is because you can see more people at the same time on computers and sometimes shared screens cannot be too visible on mobile devices, especially if there is a PowerPoint presentation. Moreover, when you want to open the chatbox, you cannot see the participants or host on the screen.

One of the efficient advantages of the computer mood is that you can still watch and participate in the meeting while opening or working on other tabs.

  • To use Zoom on your computers, you should download and set up the app first.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you can log into your account or create a new account if you do not have any.
  • Then you will see different options as “New Meeting,” “Join,” “Schedule,” and “Share Screen.” Via these options, you can create a new meeting or join another’s meeting by entering the meeting ID and password.
  • On the top of the page, there are also “Chat,” “Meetings,” and “Contacts” options. Via these options, you can chat with your contacts, access your upcoming meeting information and contacts.
  • On the right top of the page, there is an icon with your initial. Once you tapped it, you will see additional options. You can change your availability from there. Moreover, you can switch accounts, go to the settings page, and contact with Support Team in case of any need.
  • When you create or join a meeting, you can use the allowed features according to your type of subscription.

FAQ for Zoom

Why is Zoom better than Skype?

It is because recently, people must do their group meetings on these conference tools, and Zoom has more advantages than Skype for groups.

Which one is better? Zoom or FaceTime?

For one-on-one meetings, Zoom and FaceTime do not differ much. However, for group meetings, Zoom has many more features than FaceTime.

Why Zoom became so popular?

It had popularity before, too; however, because of the pandemic, people needed to find a tool to meet as groups. Even there are so many rumors; their team improved the safety and other features of Zoom. Therefore, they forged ahead.

Is Zoom safe?

Even though there is a good security system for the app, generally it is suggested to not share confidential information on Zoom.

Should I have an account to use Zoom?

If you join others’ meetings, you do not have to have an account. However, you need an account to create meetings and invite participants to your meeting.

Conclusion on What Zoom Is

This app became the most popular conference tool in the whole world. There are different reasons for that, and most of the users are satisfied. In this article, we shared the features of Zoom and information about usage. Moreover, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions on here too. Hopefully, these suggestions would be helpful to you; however, if they are not, you can reach the Support Team of Zoom and ask your questions. Speaking of going live, by the way, it would be no surprise if you were interested in going live on Twitter. See how!

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