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What Is YouTube TV? [+Benefits] (2024)

YouTube TV was launched in 2017 and restricted to a small number in North America. However, it changed in 2019. When it had a vast expansion, and it introduced aid for all 210 markets in that region.

It also helped to expand the collection of channels on YouTube. These days, more than 70 channels, including many national broadcasters such as CNN, Disney Channel, ABC, TNT, and FOX, are broadcasted via YouTube TV.

Today, people like to know what is YouTube TV, and what are the benefits of its channels?

It is a live TV streaming service of Google. We can say that its target audience is people who do not want to pay for cable TV or satellites. It is something clever because if you subscribe to this service, you will see many benefits. We are going to touch upon these benefits.

While it has a lot in common with other live streaming services like AT&T TV Now, Sling TV, and Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV offers a unique mix of features that make it very attractive.

It is the only live streaming service that includes PBS stations and content, and its selection of more than 70 mainstream cable and broadcast channels grows steadily.

It may sound a bit steep, but Google has done a great deal to differentiate its live TV streaming service from the competition and attract customers, most notably its cloud-based, unlimited DVR.

Benefits of YouTube TV

What Is YouTube TV?

Despite the name, YouTube TV is not part of YouTube; Google deals with them as separate entities. There are some areas where the two interfere, however, as is the case with the YouTube Originals interface. However, you’ll need two different apps on your devices if you want to access both.

Originally, YouTube TV was only accessible on a limited number of devices, but now you will find it on most 4K TVs from brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc., and all major streaming device platforms.

At the end of 2019, Google stated that YouTube TV had over 2 million paying subscribers. 

Supported Devices

While the list of supported devices isn’t that extensive, chances are you have a device nearby that can run YouTube TV. It is available on Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox One. It also works with smart TVs from market leaders LG and Samsung manufactured in 2016 and later, all Xbox One models, Android and iOS.

As of February 1, 2021, it is the only live TV streaming service on PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro.


In terms of content selection, YouTube TV hosts most of the same channels as AT&T TV Now and Sling TV. The biggest difference is YouTube TV’s all-in-one price. Unlike other services, if YouTube TV does not have the desired channel (unless it’s one of the few premium add-ons), you’re out of luck.

That said, these limitations are easing: in February 2021, information from Google announced that Warner properties, including HBO and Cinemax, will be loaded as premium add-on options later this year, and that HBO Max will be available on the platform when it comes launched in May, a move that’ll go a long way in winning viewers from services like AT&T TV Now, Amazon Prime Channels, and Hulu.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV became the newest live streaming service to eliminate Fox Regional Sports and YES Networks from its channel roster after a failed contract negotiation with Sinclair Networks. These channels got removed starting February 29, 2021. The contract dispute is expected to affect coverage of at least 40 teams across baseball, NBA, and NHL.

As with the case with any streaming service, the local channels available depend on the offers YouTube TV has guaranteed for your area.

Is YouTube TV Just Another Netflix Rival?

While it might seem like another streaming service joins the ranks of Netflix, Now TV, Amazon, and others, YouTube TV is a bit different. Rather than full series available on-demand, viewers of the new service watch live television broadcasts from major US networks. These include Disney, Fox, SyFy, ESPN, FX, ABC, and many more. Notably, big hits like HBO, home of Game of Thrones, are not yet available on the service, though YouTube TV reps confirmed that negotiations were underway with several networks.

There will be some on-demand content available, as YouTube TV will also include the original series created for the Red YouTube subscription service.

Isn’t Live TV a Little Dated Now?

Well, yes, it is, but many people still tune in to see things as they happen, rather than gorging on boxes on demand. Sport is a great example of when you want to watch live, and ESPN channels on YouTube TV will satisfy fans’ hunger. Then, of course, there are shows like The Voice and The X Factor that rely on the audience to call, review, and vote for their favorite acts.

YouTube TV has a winning point, albeit in the form of an unlimited cloud DVR, where subscribers can record as many shows as they want (even if they’re all broadcast simultaneously on multiple channels). This means that it must be feasible to create an online library that can be watched in a Netflix fashion. Programs can be archived for up to nine months before being automatically deleted from the service.

Essentially YouTube TV is a cheaper alternative to US cable TV, offering a slice of live-action without long-term subscriptions and dedicated hardware requirements.

What Are the Benefits of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV channels give you unlimited storage space where you can record. It means that you will be able to watch your favorite shows in your spare time.

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One of the answers to what is YouTube TV is no hidden fees. All you need to know is written on your contract. Once you buy a channel from the options you like, you can use it without extra fees.

You can share your TV account with six different people. They could be your parents or close friends as whatever you want, and you can take back remotely, even without telling them.

When using it on mobile, you can use the picture-in-picture feature to watch it. This feature allows you to watch YouTube TV in your mobile device in a minimalized version. This way, you can do other stuff when watching. Offering a multitasking feature is something new in TV service.

Our advice on this feature of the leading website is to buy it as soon as possible. Because in these modern days, you don’t have to miss your favorite TV shows just because you have to work or whatever.

You can always try it free for one month, and we are sure that you will love it.

Plus, you can keep your internet while you are watching a channel, and this is one of the amazing features provided by YouTube. You can also personalize your watch recommendations on a channel. You should try it now!

Conclusion – It’s TV But Better!

We have covered what is YouTube TV along with its benefits. If you like watching TV, it might be just for you because you won’t have to miss your favorite shows. You also get many benefits, such as storing your shows, sharing your account, and one month of a free trial.

If you want to learn more about YouTube, read our articles about it. You might be interested in how to create a new YouTube channel tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can pause your Membership Settings page, and there you can pause it. Your DVR will not be erased, and no new content will be recorded.

Yes, you can watch YouTube TV on smart TVs. Also, you can watch from Google Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV.

You will need at least 3 Mbps for watching YouTube TV.

This isn’t possible for now, but you can easily spot the new episodes as they are highlighted in the library under a “New Episodes” heading.

There’s an online form that you can use to send the YTTV team feedback. For the product issues reports, proceed from the link below. (

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