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What Is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts, it is a new area, is a concept that everyone hears more and more often. It was released as YouTube’s last move to the competition of big companies such as TikTok and Instagram in the market.

As it is known, the Chinese originated ByteDance company has an application named TikTok. It has a very important audience with a huge number of users, and the market has gained a solid place for itself. The fact that it came to the fore for political reasons also has an effect on its popularity. But the main thing that makes it important is the original content method it brings: Short Video. Thanks to the application, you can create entertaining content by making additions such as sound, music, and effects to the video you shoot.

This situation has changed the consumption habits of the users to a certain extent. For this reason, after Instagram released Instagram Reels, YouTube rolled out YouTube Shorts lastly, which are released in response to TikTok. YouTube Shorts, which are currently available only in the USA and India, are expected to be used all over the world soon. In addition, it is also possible for users to produce 60-second content. In this article, we will examine the topics of How to Use YouTube Shorts and How to Create Shorts.

Using Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a new YouTube feature that aims to shoot short 15-second videos that came out as YouTube’s latest move. Users present their videos shot in this format to other users. This is a new kind of sharing. Multiple short clips can be combined via Shorts. The video created in this way can be edited and shared as desired. So, you can deliver your short-form video content to new and fresh audiences.

how to create youtube shorts

How Can I Create YouTube Shorts?

Creating Shorts is so simple. You only need a mobile phone for this. You can shoot videos as you wish by using the Shorts Camera in the YouTube application.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. You can use it from your mobile phone.

    After logging in on your mobile phone, you can start your video recording from the Create a Short section after clicking Create.

  2. Here you can create a video consisting of multiple short videos.

    You can pause, undo, or remove the video you have taken whenever and wherever you want.

  3. Choose your audience before upload your video.

    Finally, in terms of the content criteria for children, you should choose the audience you are addressing.

When you think it is ready, you can upload your video and share it with other people.

youtube shorts features

What Are the Features of YouTube Shorts?

It allows you to edit the videos you create. The features are as follows:

  • For this, you can add music, sound, and timer text to your content.
  • With the timer feature, you can shoot your video without holding the phone with your hands.
  • You can also increase or decrease the speed of your video at any time with the speed setting.

With these features, you can produce original and entertaining content.

Difference between YouTube Shorts and Shorts (with 60 seconds)

Shorts also is a short video form, but it is for 60-second videos that you shoot vertically. This is a different category than 15-second YouTube Shorts. You cannot use Shorts Camera here. However, it has many features:

  1. You can use the sounds and music you get from YouTube’s wide official music catalog in your content.
  2. You can also get audio or video from other content on YouTube through YouTube’s main watch page and use it in your videos.
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Of course, for some content, the owners of the original content can enforce their own content. In such a case, you will be informed in advance by YouTube before your content is deleted and you will have the original version of your video.

How to Improve Your Youtube Shorts?

To improve your YouTube Shorts videos, You can check our products;

Shorts in Short

YouTube made a new move with YouTube Shorts, which is developed in the competition between TikTok and Instagram Reels. In this article, we tried to examine YouTube Shorts. First, we learned what Shorts are and how the contents are produced. Here we looked at the 15-second mechanism and how to create the appropriate content. Then we listed what features YouTube Shorts has. We explained the difference between the 60-second short video form Shorts and YouTube Shorts, which was confused by many. Finally, we enlightened some of the curious points.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The easiest way to get shorts is in the following ways:
• After entering YouTube via the mobile app, you can use Shorts Shelf
• Via What to Watch Next
And you can access it via YouTube searching

Creation tools are tools you can use while creating YouTube Shorts. Currently available for users in India and the USA only.

It is suitable for videos that you will shoot vertically with your mobile phone. This brings a new format alongside the traditional video viewing experience.

It is not yet possible to make money on YouTube Shorts. You cannot put ads on your YouTube Short. YouTube says this may happen in the near future. In the scope of YouTube’s channel, user, subscription, and ads mechanism, you will soon be able to earn money via Shorts.

No, Shorts are not included in watch times that YouTube considers for monetization.

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    Thank you for providing a comprehensive blog post on YouTube Shorts! This post is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the new video platform and how to use it to their advantage. I appreciate your insights and expertise in this area and are excited to see how YouTube Shorts can help our business grow.