What Is YouTube Premium? (Brief Guide)

What Is YouTube Premium? (Brief Guide)

In this article, we’ll give some information about the YouTube premium. You might have heard the word “premium” from the Spotify application before. Premium briefly means an amount added to a common price or fee. Of course, the customers pay more in return for some advantages. For example, suppose you pay some money and get Spotify Premium. In that case, you gain some advantages such as listening to the songs you like anywhere without an Internet connection, creating your playing list, or listening to the songs without the mood killer advertisements. Here in this article, you’ll find helpful information about YT Premium, and you will get the response to the question: “What do you get with YouTube Premium?”

Did you know that every 24 hours, almost 5 billion videos are being watched on YouTube? In this era, where technology is advancing at an unexpected rate, we all use many applications to connect with friends, entertain ourselves, and sometimes show our talents to the world. One might want to have some advantages on the social media platforms which she or he enjoys. YouTube is an essential, frequently used platform, where you can watch videos, comment on them, like or dislike them. You can also upload your original content on the platform. In other words, people who are interested in spending time on this major social media platform might want to benefit from YT Premium after learning YouTube Premium features. Now let’s learn what comes with YT Premium.

What Do You Get With YouTube Premium

What Do You Get With YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium’s benefits are more than you can ever think of. First of all, you can watch all videos without YouTube ads, which can be annoying while watching a video. Also, it offers one to download videos and playlists on your mobile device to have offline access to videos. In other words, it allows you to use the mobile app in offline mode and, as a result, lets you watch your favorite videos, including music videos, without an Internet connection. Premium ensures that you can continue playing videos on your mobile device even when using other apps. Another essential benefit is that one can easily access all YouTube Original series and movies right away. 

Since we all know that there’s a strong connection between the words “YouTube” and “music,” the feature of getting a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium by paying for YT Premium becomes inevitable. YouTube Music Premium subscribers can keep their music playing while using other apps and, of course, enjoy their favorite songs and music videos on YT Music without ads. Subscription service also offers the feature of listening to music on your Google Home or Chromecast Audio and downloading songs. To be more clear, Premium Subscription includes all benefits of Music Premium. However, Music Premium does not offer all of the benefits of Premium. These are watching ad-free videos, downloading videos in the app, letting the video play in the background, and watching all YouTube originals. Of course, the videos that I mention here are not music videos. With Music Premium, you can do all of these things for music videos, thanks to the music streaming service. 

How to Sign Up for Premium

How to Sign Up for Premium?

You can find the basic steps of how to sign up for the Premium below.

  1. Visit youtube.com/premium. You will have two options there.
  2. You may see the option to start a free trial, so you can check it out and start your free trial.
  3. You’ll see an option to upgrade your Music Premium subscription to Premium if you are already a member of it. So you can click on it.

FAQs on YouTube Premium

If I have a Music Premium subscription, can I benefit from the features which Premium offers?

No, you will only have benefits from music videos. However, you can always upgrade your subscription.

Can I watch videos without an Internet connection on YouTube?

Yes, if you get Premium, you can watch all of the videos, including the music videos, wherever you want without an Internet connection.

Which devices are eligible to sign up for Premium?

It doesn’t matter. You can sign up for a Premium from your Android, your iPhone, or your computer.

How can I remove ads while watching a music video?

For this, you can sign up to YouTube Music Premium. As a result, you will no longer see an advertisement while watching music videos. However, you will still be seeing ads while watching other videos. To solve this problem, you can sign up for YouTube Premium and never see ads while watching any video. Also, by having a YouTube Premium subscription, you will already enjoy the advantages that YouTube Music Premium offers.

What Is YouTube Red?

It is simply the previous name for the Premium. Red had almost the same features as Premium.

Conclusion of YouTube Premium

This article has explained the benefits of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium and the differences between them. We hope that this article about the question “What do you get with YouTube Premium?” has satisfied you. We hope that we were able to help!

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