What Is VK? (VKontakte Explained)

What Is VK? (VKontakte Explained)

VK, aka “Russian Facebook,” is the largest social media platform in Russia. First launched in 2006 by its creator Pavel Durov, VKontakte attracted millions of users around the former Soviet countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, and so on. It is the 14th most visited website globally, has 60 million daily users, and supports more than 80 languages. Keep on scrolling to learn more information about this Russian social media giant!

Features of VK

Here is a brief list of all the features that VKontakte has:


Similar to other social media platforms, you can use VK to chat with your friends. The messages can be sent & received between 2 to 500 people. You may add up to 10 attachments to your messages (photos, videos, audios, and locations).


VKontakte allows you to share a post about whatever you want on your profile wall; you may use hashtags and mention people on your posts. It is possible to add photos, videos, documents, etc. up to 10 attachments. One of the fascinating things about VK is its search and recommendation engine. The recommendation engine makes it easier for you to find posts that would interest you. This is one of the most appreciated features of VKontakte.



VK has three kinds of communities: Groups, Public pages, Events. Groups are generally a place for intimate connections; users may add content to groups and edit them. They discuss and share their ideas about daily events. Admins direct public pages; they create visual, written, and audial contents and share them with their followers. Users comment on these contents and share their opinions about them. Events are the last type of communities. As the name suggests, users use events to invite other users to participate in events like concerts, football games, gatherings, etc. Events always have a certain date, duration time, and location.


Users may upload music files to VK. They may also re-share the files that other users shared, create their playlists, and comment on others’ publications. What is truly significant about VKontakte is its’ copyright policy or rather lack of it. Users can share songs without thinking about copyright laws because VKontakte doesn’t recognize them at all!


Users can adjust the visibility of their profile, personal information, and posts. VK uses a two-step verification system to secure its users’ data.


For business owners who would like to work in the Russian market, VK is the best place to start advertising. VKontakte doesn’t just allow you to reach a huge number of customers in Russia, but also in all Russian speaking countries and former Soviet states. This is why most of the companies that work in one of these countries use VK as their primary advertising source. 400.000 companies have an account for commercial purposes, and VKontakte allows its users to buy products via a fast payment system it uses.

How to Sign Up for VK

How to Sign Up for VK?

Using and browsing in VK is easy, and so it is to sign up for it. You can apply the easy-to-follow steps below to sign up for the platform easily.

  1. If you have a Facebook account beforehand, you can use it to access VKontakte. Your Facebook data is imported to VK’s system. The only thing to do is registering your phone number and using the code VKontakte sent you to log in.
  2. If you do not have a Facebook account or you just simply don’t want to use your Facebook account to log in, you may simply create your account from the beginning. On the site’s main page, you write your name, surname, specify your gender, and add your birthday. Then, you register your phone number and use the code that is sent to you to log in. After creating your account, you can add a profile picture, specify your interests, and change your personal information whenever you want.

FAQs about VK

What does “VK” stand for?

VKontake is the shortened version of the website’s original name, “VKontakte.” This means “In Contact” in Russian.

Is VKontakte available in English?

You can use VK in English but don’t forget that most of the contents are in Russian.

Why is VK so popular in Russia?

Well, it is natural to wonder about this. Since Facebook is available in Russia, why do Russian people prefer to use VKontakte and not Facebook? According to a study by Henrich Heine Univesity from Germany, Russian users of VK and Facebook think VKontakte is a better social network! They find VK more user-friendly, easy to access, and trustable. VK mainly focuses on the Russian market and creates strategies for it. So, this might be another reason for its success in Russia.

Is there any mobile app for VK?

VK has an application to use it on your mobile devices. It is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

Who is the founder of VK?

Pavel Durov founded VK in 2006. He got VK’s idea from Facebook and launched the website to allow Russian university students to communicate online. After that, he opened the network for the general public as well. He is nicknamed “Russian Mark Zuckerberg.”

Long “VK Timeline” Short

Vk is one of the most influential social media platforms in the world. Even its apparent similarity to Facebook, VK is more popular than Facebook in Russia. Its success shows us the value of promoting local business strategies and answering user’s special demands. 

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