What Is Vimeo? (+Memberships)

What Is Vimeo? (+Memberships)

Watching videos on the internet has been a frequent activity in our daily lives. Vimeo is a video sharing based social media platform founded in 2004 in the USA. Although it seems to be in direct competition with Youtube, it is basically at a different point when we look at long-term video and movie sharing. In essence, Vimeo is used for and wants people to socialize and communicate based on video and supports them with likes, shares, and video uploads. The platform, which is still actively used, has differentiated thanks to its video blog feature. Now, we will explain to you what is Vimeo.

How Does Vimeo Work?

Users determine the content of Vimeo ultimately, so it is a user-centered site just like YouTube. You can open your channel on the platform and post your videos on this channel, and after sharing the video, you can interact with people by getting comments and likes. 

Since this platform has quite a simple interface, it’s good for all the desired operations can be done very easily and quickly. After the videos want to upload are uploaded, go live very quickly. Furthermore, Vimeo users are offered the opportunity to watch high definition videos in HD quality.

How to Get a Vimeo Membership?

Vimeo offers multiple membership options for its members. These different membership types can be very beneficial for members who want special storage and feature needs. You are free to choose whichever suits you, so let’s talk about membership options.

Vimeo Basic

This stock membership type you will have when you log into Vimeo’s website and sign up. 

As does Vimeo define, this membership puts you some limits, there are quite a few limited features for the videos you want, and you only have 500 MB of storage per week. 

Basic membership is quite enough for people who are not very serious about producing content and just starting. But you can switch to other subscriptions at any time, so it will be very advantageous for you to start with this membership type.

Vimeo Plus

This membership type is paid and more privileged. You get 5 GB of storage per week and costs about 9$ a month. With this membership, you have ultimate unlimited bandwidth and many other features on your player, which regular members cannot access.

Vimeo Pro

This membership is for more professional legal users. You can get the highest quality picture for your videos in this membership, with no bandwidth caps and professional statistics. 

What’s more, this feature gives you 20 GB of storage per week and costs around 24$ a month.

How to Upload a Video to Vimeo

How to Upload a Video to Vimeo?

You can upload all the videos you take to Vimeo; this platform makes it easy to share your videos with your friends and family. After your video is uploaded to the site, everyone can watch your videos so that you can deliver your videos to a wider audience.

  1. First of all, you should go to the Vimeo website on your computer. Then log in to your account.
  2. Click the Upload Video button on your home page. Then, you will be taken to another page.
  3. Now, tap the Choose a File to Upload button, and then you will launch an upload box. Choose the video that you want to upload. After clicking the Select button, your video will start to be uploaded. Remember that you cannot upload any videos that are copyrighted.
  4. The video upload speed is directly proportional to your Internet speed. If you have any problems loading the video, you will need to upload your video again.
  5. Your video will be converted automatically so you can close the opening page if you want. That’s all!
How to Make Money on Vimeo

How to Make Money on Vimeo?

Vimeo has a fundraising application that you can make money with. This system is called the Tip Jar. It allows viewers to donate money to video creators with a few donations. But to activate safe Tip Jar, you must be a Pro or Plus member. This means that the donation-based feature is only available for users who already pay for the Plus account or Pro account.

What Is Vimeo on Demand?

This is a system that allows you to create a paywall for the videos you share. So, people will have to pay to watch your videos. But the optional Vimeo is for Pro Members only, and there is no such feature in free membership. Also, you can embed and sell videos on your website and Vimeo’s platform.

FAQs On Vimeo

Is Vimeo a good platform for professional video producers?

Of course. You can further professionalize your videos with special features that you can take advantage of, especially when you have a subscription.

Can enough money be earned from Vimeo?

If you reach a wide audience in Vimeo, you have no chance of not making enough money. This is all about how interesting and demanding content you produce.

Is there any advertising on Vimeo?

It depends on which membership you have. Vimeo Free members and viewers can see some ads on their page. Also, they can see banner ads on Basic and Plus members’ profiles too. Vimeo Plus members do not see advertisements on other people’s videos, but they can see on their page. But if you are a Pro member, you will not see any ads at all.

To Conclude Vimeo

In short, what Vimeo is is that it is a platform that serves and supports video sharers very well. There are various membership types on the platform, and you can share your videos by choosing the one that suits you best and let people see life through your eyes. If you are interested in video sharing or content production, this platform will be a very useful and enjoyable site for you.

If you want to learn more about this platform, check out our latest articles about it. You may be interested in how to download videos from the platform.

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