What Are UI and UX? (Their Differences)

What Are UI and UX? (Their Differences)

You have probably heard these terms if you are interested in the designing field: UI and UX. These abbreviations have been the main business lines of the design world for the last five years. If you are asking yourself, “What are UI and UX?” Then keep on reading to find out the answer. In this article, we will explain the responses of these concepts and focus on explaining the differences between UI and UX.

What are the terms UI and UX stand for?

First of all, let’s give the following brief information to our readers who ask questions such as What is UX What is UI:
UI: User Interface, (User Interface)
UX: User Experience, (User Experience)
UXD: User Experience Designer, (User Experience Designer)
UID: User Interface Designer, (User Interface Designer)
ID: Interaction Design
In general, if we talk briefly about what UI and UX are, while UI expresses the interface design, UX describes a design process based on experience. Although they are two concepts with different meanings, they are mentioned together due to their influence on the design process. While many people in the industry think these are almost the same, they are entirely different from each other. However, they are not independent of each other. I know it’s confusing. Let’s start to simplify:

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience and is intended for users to have good site experience.

differences of ui and ux

What is UI?

UI stands for the user interface, and experience-oriented improvements are intended, such as users navigating the site comfortably and staying longer on the site, accessing site content more comfortably. When we ask what UI means, the first thing that will come to our mind is to summarize: visual design focused on user comfort.

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While the UI design is all about interface design, the UX design is concerned with how the interface design can be simpler, faster, and more productive.

UI Concrete – UX is Abstract

These abstract strategies are guidelines for UI designers. UX designers do not present a concrete design in terms of their location. However, today, designers who put the User Experience as the priority can create designs that will be useful for UI designers. They work so hard on aspects such as aesthetics, color, and typography, which form the concepts of interface design for a long time.

UX design does not need to be of design origin due to its character. Because UX is more about user interface and how does it feel to use it, rather than how it looks. The purpose of UX is to make you perform a simple, smooth, and fast operation and have a pleasant experience. Graphic design – which is more than an integrated concept alone – is essential but not unique. UX requires knowledge in different areas. Knowing fields such as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Interaction Design, Information Architecture is an excellent investment for UXD.
That is why UX has a broad scope. If we give an example from real life: It has to work by thinking about many details such as the custom-designed sneakers that you have purchased from the internet, which you designed entirely by yourself, are packaged and brought to your feet.

The basics of a good UX design are like a stable home. However, no matter how solid the foundation of the house is, you cannot sell a bargain building without the UI. UI Design comes into play here. Now the answer to the question What is UI / UX started to sit in our minds a little more?
Web Design specialist Dimitry Fadeyev argues that having a good UI design has enormous competitive advantages. He thinks that a great UI Design brings excellent success in the internet industry. “The good design on the front gives the impression that everything is great. Although in reality, this is not always the case.”

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The Value of Good Design

Joel Spolsky says in his argument: “Usability is not everything. If usability engineers had designed a night club, it would be a place with clean, quiet, high lighting, many seating, many bartenders, 18-point sans-serif menus, and toilets. But no one would go there. Everyone would be pouring beer on top of each other at Coyote Ugly down the road.”

To mention briefly, UI is the design of everything that appears aesthetically by adhering to specific rules. For example; The buttons on the computer you use, the letters and numbers on buttons, the colors, and sizes are results of the decisions of the product designer. The similar concepts in interface design consist of a combination of all graphic elements such as CTAs (call to action), buttons, grid structure, layout, fonts, colors, and spaces.

Another critical issue of UI is to keep users on the website longer. Regardless of how beautiful and quality the content of the website is if the UI design is such that it prevents the user from getting around quickly and is tiring, the user leaves the site immediately.

For example, a dictionary site that is changing the background color every day (black text on a red background, etc.) might not appeal to the color experience that the user is familiar with. So the user might not want to enter the site he/she enters every day.

Therefore, when you cannot keep the user you have directed to your site as a result of intense efforts, all your efforts may have been wasted.
An important issue about UI is the fact that your customers will start talking entirely at this stage. Although it is a new concept, the ratio of customers commenting on UX is 0.3%.

Day by day, working disciplines get closer to each other. However, for now, UI and UX are two disciplines that you should not mix.

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To make this distinction more clearly, we would like to suggest the infographic prepared by the agency named Scorch. Which explains in general what they are doing, by considering the UX and UI designer separately.


Why is UI important?

UI is significant in light of the fact that it can turn potential guests to purchasers as it encourages connections between the client and your site or web application.

What does a UX designer do?

A UX architect is a supporter of the end-clients of a site or item. Key regions of center incorporate data engineering, client investigation, marking, visual structure, and substance. They have to feel for their subjects, recount to a story well, and have solid inventive, specialized, and critical thinking aptitudes.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX is tied in with making an item utilitarian and helpful, then again, UI is making an item lovely and intuitive.


In this article, we tried to explain the differences between UI and UX. Thanks for reading and we hope that it helps you grow your SEO knowledge. If you want to check other SEO-related blog posts of InstaFollowers, click here. If you want to learn more about UI and UX, then check this video out by Jesse Showalter:

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