What Is Twitter Dark Mode? (Brief Guide)

What Is Twitter Dark Mode? (Brief Guide)

Twitter Dark Mode is a feature used in Twitter to turn the white background into a dark one. It gives the application a new look and particularly used at night.

Why Twitter Dark Mode? 

Twitter has so far offered a dark mode, which was dark gray. This is good for relieving the eyes, but some people felt it was not enough. This is where the « Lights Out » version comes in, which offers a complete dark mode.

This version will be particularly useful on smartphones with an OLED screen since the pixels are off on the black parts. Therefore, it may increase battery life on devices by consuming less. It is possible to choose the« false » dark mode (named « dim ») and the « true » dark mode (named « Lights Out ») within the Twitter settings.

how to activate dark mode on iphone and android

How to Activate Dark Mode On iPhone And Android?

Twitter Dark Mode is available on mobile applications (Android and iOS) and should arrive very quickly for all desktop users.

 Activate Dark Mode on the Android app:

  1. Open the Twitter application from your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap your Twitter profile icon.
  3. In the menu that appears, you will find the switch icon to activate Dark Mode.
activate dark mode on ios

Activate Dark Mode on iOS:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap your Twitter profile icon.
  3. Tap the Dark Mode icon to activate the function.

How to Check if the Dark Mode Is Available on the Web App? 

To check, simply click on your profile icon. If the option “Dark Mode” appears on the menu, it means that it is already available on your account. However, if you don’t see the option, you will have to wait a bit longer.

To activate Dark Mode and thereby make the interface darker, simply click on the “Dark Mode” option on the menu.

Concluding On Twitter Dark Mode

In this article, we figured what Twitter Dark Mode is and how to activate it. This feature is useful for some Twitter users. Hopefully, you could be able to use it also after reading our article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to deactivate Dark Mode, you can simply tap on the Night Mode icon again.

After tapping the dark mode slider, whether to use the Dark Mode or to turn it off, just click on the Home icon on the bottom to exit the settings and to return to your home page.

It is up to you, and you are free. However, it is better to use the regular white theme during the daytime and the dark one night.

Dim is a dark blue background, and it was the previous default. However, Twitter defaults to lights out when turning on the Dark Mode, which is purely dark.

Logically, more light means more energy. Switching to dark mode reduces energy consumption as a simple way to extend the capacity of the batteries of our smartphones. This feature helps boost the autonomy of the most energy-intensive smartphones.

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