What Is Trustpilot?

What Is Trustpilot?

There are lots of ways to grow a business or brand. While some of them are quite conventional with ages-old methods, a considerable number of them are here thanks to the internet and its exceptional communication tools. Today, online customer reviews are one of the most direct and efficient methods to improve a business. They provide a unique way to see how a product or service is received by the customer. There are a variety of customer review platforms online to do that, such as Trustpilot. So, what is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is one of the most frequently used customer review platforms there is. It was founded in 2007 in Denmark. Its mission is to collect customer reviews as a third-party. So that businesses can receive more customer reviews on the Trustpilot platform in comparison to their own customer review collecting tools. Trustpilot is regarded as a trustworthy customer review platform where almost all businesses regularly check and respond to customer reviews.

In this article, we’ll also cover the significance of customer reviews on Trustpilot for businesses, its business model, and trustworthiness both for businesses and customers.

benefits of using trustpilot for business

Benefits of Using Trustpilot for Businesses

Trustpilot is an established online review community with more than half a million reviews every day. So how can this help businesses grow in the first place?

  • There are millions of genuine customer reviews on Trustpilot about a variety of niches and businesses. These reviews are coming from actual customers who used one of their products or services. This creates a useful feedback loop that promotes transparency and increased levels of trust for a business.
  • Trustpilot reviews are great to locate problematic areas regarding user experience and interaction with the business. Let’s say if most reviews on Trustpilot say that your business has awful customer service, then it will be a good move for you to focus on improving customer service. Therefore, you can pinpoint the customer pain points based on the experience they’ve had with your brand on Trustpilot.
  • Customer satisfaction is one of the foremost goals of every business. It is possible to utilize Trustpilot to measure customer satisfaction. There are various metrics on the platform that are specially designed to also measure its extent.
  • While making important business decisions, it is crucial to have a strong grasp on how it will impact the existing and potential customers. By analyzing enough customer reviews on Trustpilot, you can gather more information about the customer’s point of view. Therefore, you can make more suitable and sensible decisions about the future of the business.

Trustpilot can be quite more beneficial for particular niches, such as internet-based services or airline companies. It is also important to note that Trustpilot offers a paid version to businesses with additional benefits. Now, let’s see how Trustpilot makes money in the section below.

trustpilot business model

Trustpilot Business Model

Customer reviews are difficult to get for businesses. They need to set up an all-around functional system to get customer reviews and somehow encourage their customers to do so regularly. This is not a feasible option for them in most cases. That’s where Trustpilot comes into play.

Trustpilot provides a platform that is solely dedicated to customer reviews, which is beneficial both to businesses and customers. Then, the platform offers many additional features only to its paid subscribers so that they can automate and analyze the customer reviews.

There are free and paid versions of Trustpilot for businesses. Up to %90 of companies on Trustpilot use the free version as it is still possible to reply and report reviews, which is quite important.

 The free version enables businesses to:

  • Invite customers manually to leave reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Get notifications for new reviews.
  • Respond and report reviews.
  • Share reviews on social media platforms.
  • Get simple statistics without technical support.

For the paid subscribers:

  • Automated review collection tools.
  • Tools and widgets to showcase positive and genuine customer reviews.
  • Customized customer review insights and analytics tools.
  • Multiple user accounts.
  • Personalized customer support.

So, the Trustpilot business model is largely based on automation of collection, showcasing, and responding the customer reviews. Besides these, the platform offers review insights and tools to measure customer satisfaction on different demographics and more.

Trustpilot is free for common internet users and customers who want to leave reviews about an experience they’ve had with a business. The platform’s business model is primarily based on businesses. So businesses work with Trustpilot to stay on top of their online presence, customer interaction, and future business plans.

is trustpilot legit

Is Trustpilot Legit?

Millions of customers check reviews on Trustpilot while deciding on a purchase. These reviews can be a major deciding factor for customers. So it is crucial for Trustpilot not to delete negative reviews upon business requests. The platform claims that if a review complies with their guidelines, it stays on the relevant brand’s page, whether it is positive or not.

Trustpilot is the pioneer of collecting customer reviews in a single platform with more than ten years of experience. They have millions of reviews being sent to the platform every year. All things considered, it is safe to say that customers can trust Trustpilot reviews. In fact, if you are interested, you can visit our page to buy Trustpilot reviews to promote your business.

FAQ About Trustpilot

Do paid subscribers on Trustpilot get more reviews?

No, the paid version of Trustpilot doesn’t get you more reviews in an instant. However, with automated invites to get reviews and better insight tools, paid subscribers can get more reviews in return. It is also important to note that most businesses use the free version of the platform.

Does Trustpilot delete reviews?

Trustpilot claims that they don’t delete any reviews given that they comply with Trustpilot’s review guidelines and are not spam.

Who can write reviews on Trustpilot?

Anyone can write a review on the platform given that they buy or order a product or service from a business within the past 12 months. It is also possible to leave reviews even with an actual commercial exchange, such as a phone or email conversation with a business.

How to reply to a Trustpilot review?

Customers can’t reply to a Trustpilot review. However, companies can reply to any review regarding the experience of a customer from their brand’s page. There is also a suggested guideline for businesses on how to reply to reviews on the platform.

Are our Trustpilot reviews anonymous?

Trustpilot doesn’t share personal information or data with third-parties. Companies and other users on the platform can only view your public Trustpilot profile. You can upload a profile photo, contact information, and other details to your Trustpilot profile. Apart from that, they can’t view any information about the customer.

To Conclude What Trustpilot Is

Customer reviews are crucial for any type of business. They can make a company go bankrupt or grow tremendously over time. While there are many other online customer review platforms, Trustpilot is the most established and popular dedicated customer review platform. They receive more than a half-million real reviews monthly submitted for countless brands all over the world. In this article, we explained the importance of the platform for businesses, its business model, and reliability for customers as well as other businesses.

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