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What Is Telegram App Used for?

What Is Telegram App Used for?

It is a fact that there are a lot of users who started to use Telegram instead of other apps such as WhatsApp. Some users switched as a backlash against the other apps, while some found Telegram more useful. Yet, the majority still use WhatsApp as their default chatting application. However, it is possible to anticipate that we will see many more users on the Telegram app soon.

Telegram App: Safe and Sound

The reason why users prefer Telegram among social media users is that Telegram has a strict privacy policy. In recent years, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users struggled with privacy issues. There were times when those platforms were not reachable for hours. There were also strong rumors about privacy violations.
Rather than these reasons, the platforms under Facebook updated their privacy policies, and users who did not accept them could not use the applications for a while. Since users did not want to accept these policies and share their personal information, they switched to Telegram immediately.

Telegram App: The Advantages

Telegram is an international chat app with various features. You can create groups and channels as well as totally private personal chats. Here’s the list of how Telegram app can benefit you:

  • Phone number privacy
  • Channels:
  • Secret chat feature:
  • Unlimited storage
  • High numbers of group members
  • Voice and video calls
  • Device sync

Let’s examine those features a little deeper.

Phone Number Privacy

phone number privacy

Telegram allows you to determine a username and chat with anyone without revealing your phone number. Therefore, you can be sure nobody can reach your contact information via channels or group chats. You can hide your telephone number from Settings tab. Select Nobody and you’re all right!

Channels: What Is a Telegram Channel?

telegram channels

Providing a channel feature makes Telegram a fundamental social media platform. Anyone who uses Telegram can create a channel and welcome limitless users. Only the admins can allow users to post on the channel. You can join multiple channels to have fun, or get a detailed account of what’s happening around. Before joining any channel, check our best Telegram channels post.

What Is a Secret Chat on Telegram?

private chat

People who are concerned about their privacy appreciate the secret chat feature. Secret chats are user-to-user encrypted so no one but you can see the chat. Via this feature, you can set a time when the whole conversation will disappear.

Unlimited Storage

backup Telegram data

Telegram provides unlimited storage to every user who has registered once. It backs up each message, file, audio, and document without additional saving by the user. Besides, you can reach your cloud via other devices at any time in case you need a file. To export your backup data, go to Advanced option and click Export Telegram data.

High Numbers of Group Members

telegram groups

Telegram group capacity is about 200.000 members, while other apps only can afford hundreds of users in one group chat. For instance, WhatsApp can only afford 256 users, creating problems regarding work or school group chats.To start with a major audience, you can buy Telegram members.

Voice and Video Calls

video call new

Recently, Telegram revealed an update that allows users to make voice and video calls. Before this update, some users had reasons to use other messaging apps. According to user reports, their experience of calls compared to other messaging apps was similar.

Device Sync

telegram web

You can log in to your Telegram account on different devices simultaneously, including browsers. Telegram syncs each session once you log in. You can also use Telegram Web on your browser, or you can simply download Telegram app to your PC.

To start using the safest chatting app, you can see how to download the Telegram app here.

Purpose of Telegram in Brief

Telegram is a platform that aims to fill gaps in previous chatting applications. Users reported that they do not trust most messaging platforms. It is because they think that their data is reachable. Besides, Telegram allowed its users to have limitless storage for their messages and files. Now, people can have simultaneous, synced sessions in addition to storage. Users also can create channels to socialize, and group chats can include 200.000 members at most. Overall, Telegram found a solution for the inadequacies of other applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telegram is preferred instead of WhatsApp for a lot of reasons. However, the first reason can be the privacy policy of Telegram. Users do not trust WhatsApp as much as they trust Telegram due to their past experiences.

Telegram has been appreciated a lot due to its attitude toward privacy. They have never been accused of a loophole or scandal contrary to most other messaging or social media applications.

Telegram is a legal application. Some users are concerned that some illegal actions are done via Telegram due to privacy applications. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove that claim. If users encounter illegal activities on Telegram group chats or channels, they can report as well.

Telegram users can utilize the application all free. There are no premium features that you can be charged for.

Telegram uses an end-to-end encryption system that prevents data from being hacked. Hackers only can reach your data by capturing your device and your passwords.

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