What Is TBT on Instagram: How to Use It

What Is TBT on Instagram: How to Use It

What is TBT? It’s a hashtag game people worldwide use to share and look back at some of their favorite old memories, which is why the “throwback” is there. This is all about the past, reminiscing moments, and a general feeling of nostalgia.

TBT is an abbreaviation which stands for Throwback Thursday, or #TBT as people commonly use, is the name of a weekly social media posting trend.

In this case, this Throwback can go from just yesterday to decades ago. No limits.

How Does TBT Work?

As we said, there are no limits.

  • It happens on Thursdays every week (hence the name Thursday).
  • Anyone can participate in it; all you need to do is to have an older picture.
  • This can be an event, a trip, a photo with an old friend, or just you in the past.

Users can do this on Instagram, where it’s the most popular; they can do it on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. 

#TBT is just a way to make people post more about themselves.

Various Forms of TBT

Throwback Thursday is incredibly popular on Instagram. It’s the fourth most popular hashtag on Instagram.

Users usually tag their pictures with #tbt tag every Thursday for this reason.

It’s very popular, there are incredible amounts of people sharing with the tag, and it’s a fun idea overall.

What is TBT

This particular hashtag has many forms, like #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday, or just #Throwback.

Using these hashtags every Thursday can help your exposure, make you more visible, and help you gain followers. A lot of people are browsing this hashtag once a week; anything can happen.

However, many users abuse this hashtag; they fill the posts with spam or unrelated content to gain more likes and followers.

Don’t be one of these people. If you post unrelated photos or captions under the #tbt tag or any tag for that matter, you will only get bad exposure.

Bad exposure is a thing and plays a big part in your exposure or SEO, so watch out for that.

How It All Started?

This “throwback” tradition is older than Instagram and many other social media platforms.

Origins of this tag go back to 2003. Until the late ’10s, this tag was asleep.

Then around November 2011, it picked up on Instagram, and around 2012 it got mainstream attention.

The hashtag played an important part in Instagram.

What is TBT

What to Post on #TBT?

Anything from the past, really. But if we’ll specify some examples:

  • Childhood pictures: Either you as a child or just an event with you as a kid in it. This represents fond memories of the past.
  • Old songs: Songs from your past that you enjoyed. People love to share songs from the past to give that sense of nostalgia. Just post a screenshot of the song you’re listening to, and you’re set.
  • Screenshots of old Facebook status’ or tweets: This is a new one. You can use apps to find any friend’s earlier posts or your own’s.

What Is Flashback Friday: #FBF

#TBT has a long lost brother; his name is Flashback Friday.

Flashback Friday is exactly like Throwback Thursday, but there people using both.

#TBT was so popular; it had a sibling, or a child, or a clone of it already. The Internet moves fast, people.


Who started Throwback Thursday?

Throwback Thursday hashtag was first used by a young man named Bobby Sanders to his own amusement to post older photos.

What does Throwback Day mean?

The definition of throwback day is an internet hashtag trend used on many platforms used to post nostalgic pictures from different eras in the users’ lives.

Are there other Throwback days?

All days of the week have their own Throwback names: Moveback Monday, Trackback Tuesday, Windback Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Skipback Saturday, and Sloshback Sunday.

How do you write a Throwback caption?

Throwback captions or quotes should include hints or direct memories from the picture you post from your past and give the audience a broad knowledge about its context.

What does a Throwback Photo mean?

A Throwback photo is a photo from someone’s past, shared to cherish the times the photo was taken, with an in-context caption explaining the photo.

To Conclude TBT

With that, we came to the end of the article, and what the meaning of it is. Maybe one day we’ll see nostalgia about this meme too, too dreamy, I know. I hope you enjoyed it; we looked at the #TBT tradition on Instagram in this article.

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