What Is Spotify Customer Service Number? (2021)

What Is Spotify Customer Service Number? (2021)

Spotify is an audio streaming platform for various content. From music albums to podcasts, Spotify offers a wide range of services. It is very easy to install, sign in and use Spotify. However, there might be occasions where users would like to contact Spotify. Therefore, they search for the Spotify customer service number.

There are several reasons why users want to contact Spotify. Some of them are such as the following;

  • Users cannot log in or sign in,
  • Hacked accounts,
  • Getting overcharged,
  • Asking for a discount,
  • Spotify cannot be reached via e-mail,
  • Canceling subscription.

The list goes on, but these are the most common reasons for contacting Spotify.

Spotify does have customer service. However, they do not have a customer service number.

Without a customer service number, the complaints get bigger because another reason why users want to contact Spotify is that they do not have a contact number.

Not having a Spotify customer service number is not only a problem for users but also an issue for artists as well.

While there is no phone number, there are lots of ways to contact Spotify. Here, we explain how to contact Spotify in a detailed manner.

Contacting Spotify Customer Service

We have mentioned that Spotify does not have a customer contact number yet they have customer support. 

If you insist on calling Spotify, you might try GetHuman, a website that helps you to reach big companies without waiting on hold, or tips and tricks to contact them easily.

On their Contact page, they explain this situation by telling they do not have a customer service contact number because they offer online support which Spotify can send links and screenshots to help their customers.

If you write Spotify on GetHuman’s search bar, you will receive a ‘No Phone Number’ result. However, it helps you by showing you the alternative ways of contacting you. 

According to GetHuman, the best way to reach Spotify is by Spotify Email Support. In GetHuman, you can select your reason for contacting the company you want, and they guide you in contact you in the right way. 

If you have an emergency of contacting your desired company, they offer paid services that lead you to an expert.

Now let’s take a look at how to contact Spotify;

How to Contact Spotify

How to Contact Spotify

Spotify offers its customers several ways to contact them. You can find ways to contact Spotify down below.

Spotify Contact Form

Here Spotify offers a live chat service that you can write to. This looks quite easy as calling customer service.

However, when their advisers are busy, Spotify e-mails you back as soon as they can.

Spotify Community

Spotify Community is like a forum where users help each other out. It is a nice way to solve your problem since there might be lots of other users having the same problem.

In this community, there is a search bar that you can write your question. 

When you search your question, previously asked questions will pop up. Here you can select the closest one to yours and read the question and the answers. It will include how many replies the selected question had.

You can even like or dislike the questions and the answers.

Spotify Twitter Support

Spotify has customer support on Twitter. From https://twitter.com/SpotifyCares you can reach its Twitter page and ask your questions. It has about 250.000 followers and it is active.

Other Features of Spotify Contact Page

In order to help you without wasting your time, Spotify has a help section. Just like answers to frequently asked questions, you can find your answer here. 

It offers help in, 

  • Account,
  • Payment,
  • Technical,
  • Premium for Family,
  • Student Discount,
  • Spotify for Artists.

Or you can pick a topic from the ‘Advertisers section’ for advertising on Spotify. ‘Press section’ for the press and ‘Jobs section’ for applying for a job at Spotify.

FAQs About Spotify Issues

How can I stop paying for Spotify?

Once you log in, go to the ‘Subscription’ section on the main menu. Then click on ‘Change or Cancel,’ after that, you will see the ‘Cancel Premium’ button, click on it. Spotify is going to ask you if you are sure, then click on ‘Yes, Cancel.’ Now you have successfully canceled your subscription to Spotify. It will also show you the date that your subscription to Premium is canceled.

How can I recover my Spotify password?

Visit the Spotify Reset Password page, write your username or e-mail on the text box. Then click on ‘Send.’ Spotify will send you an e-mail, be sure it is either in the junk box or not. Open and click on the link in the mail. Write your new password on the text box and write it again on the box below to confirm your new password. Then click on ‘Set Password’ to change it.

Do I get a refund if I cancel Spotify?

Spotify does not have a refund policy, but you can contact them through their support services to solve your problem.

Concluding Spotify Customer Service

Although there is no Spotify customer service number, there are many ways to contact Spotify. Also, Spotify helps you contact them in the right way by guiding you throughout the perfectly organized contact page.

For more information, please visit https://support.spotify.com/us/article/how-can-i-contact-spotify/?in_footer

Here you can also read articles about users’ issues. You may also like our article about downloading music from Spotify.

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