What is SEO Marketing? (How It Works?)

What is SEO Marketing? (How It Works?)

Search engine optimization or with its abbreviation SEO is a practice on the quality and quantity of traffic of your web site shortly. SEO marketing allows your web site to increase its ranking on organic search engines and improve the popularity of your brand. So, what is SEO marketing, and how does it work? To find all the answers, continue to read our starting guide to SEO marketing. 

Some Terms to Understand SEO Better 

Here are some terms that have significant meanings in the world of SEO.

  • Quality of the traffic: 

Of course, the quantity matters, and it is better if more people are coming to your website. But the web sites are needed specific quality of visitors in order to create a brand and make a profit. If you have a web site on sunglasses, you want visitors who want to buy or are interested in sunglasses, too. Quality of the traffic describes specific groups in SEO marketing. 

  • Quantity of traffic: 

After you access the right group on your web site, you need more people in that group. Quantity describes the number of people who visit your web site from the targeted group in SEO. 

  • Organic Results: 

Organic visitors or results refer to who visits your web site via search engine organically without paying anything. 

  • SEO Friendly Web Site: 

It is the web site that SEO practice is done. SEO friendly web site continues and increases its ranking, accessible easily, and successfully to obtain its goal. 

How SEO Works

How SEO Works?

When you want to search for anything on the search engine, you just write what you want to know more and click on the search button. But what happens behind? Search engine optimization takes place. The algorithm of the search engine chooses the main criteria for itself and list the web sites that match that criteria most in order. SEO marketing aims to work on web sites to meet that criterion and improve its search engine optimization. 

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Here are shortly the things make a web site more SEO friendly: 

  • Not only the content, but the domain must be SEO-friendly as well. You need to obtain SEO friendly domain that can be connected to internal links. 
  • Your content must be fully SEO-friendly. Keywords and the place that you use keywords are really important. 
  • Technical details are another thing to consider. The design of your web site should be SEO friendly. 
  • Using different types of search engine optimization is needed throughout the web site. 


Search engine optimization, SEO, is the way to access target groups more through your web site. We have touched upon what SEO marketing is. Search engines list all related answer which meets their criteria in just 1 or 2 seconds. SEO marketing aims to meet that criterion and improve the popularity of your brand. 

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