What is Remarketing? (+Remarketing Types)

What is Remarketing? (+Remarketing Types)

Remarketing, in other words retargeting, describes digital marketing strategies that aim users that previously informed about your web site or your product. What is remarketing? It is one of the good opportunities in digital marketing that you have a higher chance of attracting users due to the background of the users. 

Remarketing strategies based on the following idea. The users that already familiar with your content or product have a tendency to be convinced and follow your content or buy your products comparing new users. That’s why it has a high importance in the digital marketing industry.

As we know, there are many mediators for our marketing strategies. The same thing goes for retargeting as well. It is possible to use many tools for these strategies. Google Ads is one of the most profitable tools among them. Google Ads for remarketing works in three steps: 

  • The users visit your web site the first time. With that way, the re-marking list points to the users and save them on the list. 
  • After obtaining a remarketing list, you can obtain goal-oriented ads and marketing campaigns for these users. 
  • Specific marketing campaigns and ads attract the users and increase the number of users of your web site. 
Types of Remarketing

Types of Remarketing 

Remarketing also has its different types as well. Now let’s take a look at them:

  • Standard Remarketing: Displays ads on different web sites about your products and services. 
  • Dynamic Remarketing: It displays ads on web sites. However, the difference here is the personalized ads. They focus on the products and content which the users are looking for.
  • Search engine Remarketing: In that type, the ads are not displayed. That marketing strategy allows the users to know that they already visited your page. 
  • Distribution list Remarketing: With that strategy, you can send your products and content to the users with a distribution list like e-mail marketing. 
How Does Remarketing Work

How Does Remarketing Work? 

Here is a simple procedure of how this strategy works with Google Ads: 

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  • First, log into your Google Ads account and then tag your remarketing code. The remarketing tag is a part of HTML code that you need to insert all the pages of your web site.
  • Now start to obtain remarketing lists. You can obtain a different variety of lists according to your goals. For instance, you can list the users that visit all the pages of the web site, or you can specify it for the specific page. 
  • Then create specific campaigns for your users. They can be standard or dynamic ads as well as YouTube video marketing and distribution list remarketing. 
  • Hence your strategy is ready. You can increase the efficiency of your campaign with A\B testing.  


What asset is used to build a remarketing list?

The answer to one of the most frequently asked questions is Custom Segment.

Which tool can be used for remarketing?

Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools comparing other marketing tools for doing it.

What is the difference between dynamic and standard ads?

Standard ads are about general ads about your product or content. Dynamic ads are personalized and aim for specific users with specific products.


We have answered the question of what is remarketing. It is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. You can obtain new users easily with these strategies. The users that are already informed about your content or product are an important group for marketing strategies. 

Among all strategies, Google Ads is the most suitable tool for your plans. Whether the type you use for marketing, retargeting is a grand chance for your brand. Google Ads is not only limited to this as well. It is possible to design your advertising plans for your business. If you connect Google Ads with Analytics, you can get useful feedback for your advertising and SEO strategies. So it is better to use them together and analyze your feedback.

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