What is Reddit Gold & How to Get It (2020)

What is Reddit Gold & How to Get It (2020)

Reddit is a huge website that consists of a collection of many forums. It is a platform that you can find lots of information and experience about your interests. Reddit is a free platform. You can sign in for free, and be able to write and read anything. However, there is another type of membership called Reddit Gold. What is Reddit Gold?

It is an award for using Reddit Premium. Yet, what does Reddit Gold do? It gives you access to premium membership. What are the advantages of Reddit Premium? 

Advantages of Reddit Premium

First of all, like any kind of website’s premium membership, it removes ads from your screen. But this is not the only feature of Reddit Premium.

Reddit Premium unlocks a few features. You receive Reddit coins per month. You will receive 1000 coins when you purchase Premium and you will receive 700 coins per month if you stay as a member. 

It will be possible to change the theme on Reddit. You can create your own look for the website and enjoy using Reddit with your interface design. It may not be a major feature but it is useful if you do not like the look of the website.

With Reddit Premium, you can create your own Snoo which is the mascot of Reddit. You can design, give it a name and share your Snoo.

One of the best features of Premium is New Comment Highlighting. With this feature, when you are scrolling down through the comments, you will be able to see which are new. You do not have to search for the last comment you know when you are checking the comment section.

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Another good feature is the memory of the links you have visited in Reddit. This is useful when you change the device you are using for Reddit.

Premium also lets you make premium subreddits. These subreddits can only be viewed by other premium users.

For the comment section, Premium offers a lot. A normal member gets 500 comments loaded at a time but a premium member gets 1500. Also, Premium members will be able to save their favorite comments and view them in the subreddits that they post.

One other thing premium members can do is writing notes about their friends on Reddit.

What is the Easiest Way to Get Reddit Gold

What is the Easiest Way to Get Reddit Gold?

As we mentioned before, Reddit Gold is a reward for using Reddit Premium. There are three levels of rewards for Reddit Premium; Reddit Silver, Reddit Gold, and Reddit Platinium. Gold is the most common one. It is named a reward but you can get it by Reddit coins.

You can get Reddit Silver for 100 coins, it adds a silver award badge next to your posts and comments. Reddit Gold costs 500 coins. It gives you access to Premium for a week including 100 coins and adds a Gold award badge next to your comments and posts. Reddit Platinium costs 1800 coins and gives you a month of Premium access along with 700 coins and adds a platinum award badge next to your posts and comments.

The easiest way to get these rewards is by some other Redditor giving them to you. Reddit users can give rewards to each other. That is how you can get Reddit Gold award the easiest way. You can give these awards if you have enough coins too.

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Can you make money on Reddit?

Reddit does not allow its users to earn money from Reddit directly. However, you can lead people to do business with you if you be creative enough.

How does Reddit make money?

Reddit makes money by page views, ads, and premium memberships.

How many users does Reddit have?

According to Reddit statistics in January 2020, Reddit has more than 430 Million active monthly users on average.


We have covered the answer to the question of ‘What is Reddit Gold,’ and also mentioned that it is an award for using Reddit Premium. We also explained what is Reddit Premium and what are its advantages.

As we can see there are two ways to get Reddit Gold award and it is either by buying it with your coins or someone giving it to you as a present.

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