What Is Reddit And Why Use It? (2022)

What Is Reddit And Why Use It? (2022)

The Internet is a vast universe with different ideas and creations made by people. In this universe, some content is made by people and the same people tend to share them on organized platforms. Those contents are called “user-generated content” and on the internet, there are some platforms letting users share their ideas, and our topic today is one of them called Reddit. In this article, we are going to explore the nature and history of the platform, learn how to use it, and why should we use it. So let’s explore what is Reddit and how or why use it.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a platform where we can find most of the interesting things on the internet. The name is a synonym for “I already read it” for short “Reddit”. Across the platform, you may find many users generated content which includes the ideas created by communities and maybe some mysteries even.

What makes Reddit different is a voting system which we are going to explore more deeply later on but people can use both negative and positive votes for content and make it to the top of the content list.

People determine democratically which content is more qualified and which is not. It is also like a newspaper of contents because it can group different contents in what they call “subreddits”.

We are going to explore those subreddits more deeply in the article as well but in general, they are groups for ideas for example if you are interested in baseball you can simply go “/r/baseball” subreddit on the platform.

What Is Reddit’s Subreddit System And General Jargon?

The platform has a jargon of its own. This jargon makes the nature of information much more consumable by the end-user. As we discussed earlier in the article you can just use subreddits to explore categorized ideas. It is a complex and beautiful structure with subreddits. do you like a tv show that ended years ago?

There might be a subreddit where people are still talking about the show. Do you like science? There is another subreddit for that. Gaming? They got you covered. Similarly, there are subreddits for cities, hometowns, mysteries, unsolved legends, etc… To find a subreddit, just explore the website or type “/r/subredditname” to the address bar.

Another thing is there are no editors on the platform. People are voting on the contents to determine their qualifications. So you may never know what you will across. Some subreddits are in quarantine for various reasons like if people are practicing something that may be harmful to the community or unethical.

You also need to respect the platform’s rules in order to use it. According to the help page, they can ban you for those occasions;

  • Firstly, subreddit-specific bans;

You can be banned from a subreddit by a moderator for any reason.

  • Secondly, Reddit-wide account suspensions

An administrator can suspend your account if you break the rules of Reddit which you can find more information about here.

  • Lastly, Reddit-wide shadow-bans

Also, if you attempt a spam attack an administrator can ban you without any advice.

History of Reddit

Reddit has found in 2005 by two students at Virginia University named Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. Two young students have attended a seed accelerator program called Y Combinator and created two different ideas.

The first of those ideas was about to let people order food with SMS text messaging which actually failed. After a little brainstorming, two students decide to create something they called “the front page of the internet” which is the current slogan of it as well.

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The website was coded in Common Lisp and released in June 2005. During its lifetime the platform made its voice through the different events of the time. For example, the whole website has gone dark during the “Stop Online Privacy Act” period in 2012.

what is reddit

Advertising And Opportunities

Reddit has an advertising platform as well. It is a good source to reach more customers if you believe your target audience using it. According to the help page, there are approximately 330 million users on the platform currently. Different people of different ages and interests use the site so you can hit a larger audience by using its advertising tools.

You may have heard of upvotes and downvotes on Reddit. These options determine whether a subreddit is supported by a group or not. To make your subreddits look enticing, buy Reddit upvotes and enjoy the show!

Another opportunity that you can use is Gold membership. You can find more information in our articles about the program.

To Sum Up on Reddit

To sum up, the internet is a vast universe and Reddit is a beautiful platform to find qualified ideas and things. For instance, using it is just like reading a newspaper written by actual people in this universe. As a factor of common voice, it is always admired by users and provides a common voice. For more info on the current owner of Reddit, refer to our article entitled Who Owns Reddit. Happy Redditing.

Frequently Asked Questions

To sign up for Reddit you just need to use the sign-up button on the top and enter your email and desired password.

Reddit has some quarantined areas, yes, however, in general, it is not dangerous. It is a beautiful platform to interact with different ideas from different people.

According to the official help page, there are approximately 430 million Reddit users currently.

Reddit has a promoted content system so you can publish your advertised content.

Karma is Reddit’s slang for points. The more others interact with your engagements such as posts and comments, the more karma you will earn.

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