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What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram? 

People spend a long time on Instagram, which is known as one of the most popular social media platforms. Spending such a long time on Instagram may not be very beneficial for you due to the distraction of social media. Therefore, how about exploring the new quiet mode feature on Instagram? If you don’t want to be interrupted by sudden notifications while doing your work, studying, or sleeping, the quiet mode will be a very logical choice. To avoid distractions, you can distance yourself from social media by turning on the quiet mode on Instagram. You should not see and hear the notifications if you need to get away from your phone. Thanks to the quiet mode feature coming to Instagram, you can continue your life efficiently without interruption. 

For detailed information, be ready to read information about Instagram’s quiet mode. In this way, you can start using it immediately by taking advantage of the quiet mode feature in the most practical way. Here are the details waiting for you in the article. 

Details About Instagram Quiet Mode 

Instagram quiet mode is a feature that allows users to turn off notifications from Instagram. It has emerged as an important feature that should be preferred, especially for young people. Although Meta has not provided more official explanations about the feature, Instagram is working on the feature. Although some users can now access quiet mode, not everyone can access this mode completely. This feature, which has been used in some countries, is aimed to be used by more countries in the future. 

  • Thanks to quiet mode on Instagram, notifications will not come to your phone for a while. You can set the timing of this period according to you. When you turn on quiet mode on Instagram, your activity status will notify your followers. All messages sent to you will be answered automatically. 
  • Quiet mode on Instagram will be turned on automatically according to your set times. In this way, you can end the times when you are distracted by looking at your screen. With this feature you will prefer during working hours, you can make your life easier and spend the day productively. 

Who Is Quiet Mode Suitable For? 

Many people will prefer quiet mode, the new feature of Instagram. However, the target group of this feature is especially young people. Today, the most popular social media platform, Instagram, is often used by young people. Since young users also see Instagram as a messaging tool, it is not considered a more suitable feature for them. Since young users have responsibilities such as studying and going to school during the day, they need to focus on what they do.

For this reason, young users who turn on the quiet mode will have an opportunity to devote more time to themselves. At night, younger users can also take advantage of the quiet mode to sleep efficiently. Of course, this feature has emerged for all users, not just young users. Not everyone can adjust the time they spend on Instagram during the day. In such cases, the quiet mode will be one of the best options to create a more productive working environment. You can increase your quality of life and standards by turning on the quiet mode. In addition, when you buy Instagram likes, you will get many notifications. Thus, it would be better to turn on quiet mode.

How To Turn On Instagram Quiet Mode

If you are wondering how to use the quiet mode, which will come to Instagram, you are at the right place. You can follow the details of how to turn on the quiet mode, which is easy to use, with the steps below: 

how to turn on instagram quiet mode
  1. After logging into your Instagram profile, click on the three bars at the top right. This will take you to the list of options. 
  2. In Instagram, you should click “Settings”, which will appear in the list of options. 
  3. After clicking on the Notifications option, there will be a quiet mode. By selecting this, you will be able to pause your notifications. 
  4. You can set the time to pause your notifications. You can activate the quiet mode by choosing the time that suits you. 

If you turn off your notifications, you can learn how to turn on Instagram notifications after turning on quiet mode because you will get notifications only when you decide.

How to Schedule the Quiet Mode

If you want to repeat the quiet mode on Instagram daily, the steps you need to do are presented below. You can make quite a mode work for you every day by following the: 

how to schedule the quiet mode on instagram
  1. After logging into your Instagram profile, click on the three lines at the top right. 
  2. You should come to the “Settings” section from the options appearing on Instagram. 
  3. When you come to the quiet Mode option from the Notifications section, it is possible to select a specific scheduler. 
  4. You can enable quiet mode to be turned on at certain times every day by using the timer for quiet mode following your schedule. 

Instagram is preparing to present roll out the Quiet Mode feature to all users, which will update your activity status, pause your notifications, and automatically reply when you receive a DM. The feature is currently available to most countries’ users. Meta, the platform’s company, will launch this feature in more countries soon. Thanks to this feature, people can set a limit for themselves by spending less time on Instagram. With this feature, which will help people focus on their lives, people will progress more efficiently with their friends and followers. You can get more information from Instagram Support.


Thanks to the quiet mode feature, and the new update of Instagram, it will be easier for people to focus on their lives. For a more productive life, Instagram continues its efforts to make the quiet mode feature available in all countries. This feature, which will appeal especially to young people, is aimed at preventing long-term use of Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

When you turn on the Instagram quiet mode feature, you will not receive DM notifications or other notifications from the application. Anyone who sends you a DM will be automatically responded to. 

Users who turn on the quiet mode feature on Instagram will have a notification on their profile showing that their quiet mode is turned on. Other users who will send messages to users with quiet mode turned on will be able to see that this mode is turned on. 

When you turn off quiet mode on Instagram, you will see a summary of all the notifications you received while the quiet mode was on. 

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